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Monday, September 19, 2011

19 Sep 2011: Ura-omote Lovers

Mood: Excited...reluctant...or nervous....it's either one of these moods for me to face my first day of work in Starbucks~ >A<

Currently listening to:
> Ura-omote Lovers - Miku Hatsune

> Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri
> Romeo & Cinderella - Miku Hatsune
> Freely Tomorrow - Miku Hatsune


Hey netizens!! :D
I bet some of you would notice how hooked up I was with this song. XD
And after some consideration for some time, I finally decided to do a photoshoot PV for Miku Hatsune's famous tongue-twisting song, "Ura-omote Lovers" ("Two-faced Lovers")~~ :D
I've watched some self-made PVs of this song by some other Youtube users and they were pretty interesting, but neither of them still actually fits the song perfectly yet. In a way~ oWo (no offense to those out there~ >.< *infinity bows*

I have been wanting to do it for some time now, and since Ura-omote Lovers have had no specific descriptions in the costumes (if you have watched the original PV of the song, then you should understand it why, PERFECTLY~ *w*), so it's actually gonna be based on my creativity to make the photoshoot PV out of the song. Using the lyrics and making the shoot relate to it, I'm hoping that it will work out~ >w< <3 Already having some ideas on how my costume will be, but not how the video will be yet. So yea, giving myself some time to do it for now and hopefully I get to make it successful~ >A<

Don't know when I'm gonna commence this shoot, but yea, hopefully it's gonna be SOON~ 8D <3
Soon while my work schedule isn't so busy orz...;w;

I'm actually still waiting for my time to go to work now, coz apparently, my Starbucks manager called in not long ago and told me that I only have to report in for work at 6pm, so yea, I has time now to crap some craps in here while I wait. XD

Here's the original PV of Miku's "Ura-omote Lovers" if you haven't watched it yet.
Enjoy!! :D

And I'm off!!!
See y'all~ :D

(P.S: I'm in a seriously deep dilemma now~ D: friends are trying their best to talk to him and me, but nothing seems to be working so far to make things better. I'll still have to wait 3 weeks for him to give me his answer. And based on what he had told me the other day, which was that his answer contains both negativity and positivity, I'm kinda worried now. D: he did said that even if we broke up, we can still be friends, but I'm pretty sure things won't be the same again since I told him before that I wanted him to be my first and my last, and I don't care about him being a different race from me. :O)

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