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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

05 Oct 2011: Ura-omote Lovers shoot, DONE!! :D

Mood: Is not in a really good mood, coz just when I was happy to want to go to the Starbucks outlet where I work for a nice tea time to relax, IT RAINS. >:/ but I have other reasons to be happy as well. XD

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> Next 2 You - Chris Brown ft. Justin Bieber
> Ai Kotoba - Miku Hatsune


Hey y'allz!!! :D

Sorry for not updating my blog for a really long time even when I had my day off. >.<
The last time I had a day off while working in Starbucks, I commenced my original "Ura-omote Lovers" photoshoot. >w<

I commenced the photoshoot during the 5th Japanese Language Festival on 24th September that was held in my previous high school~ :D since it was in my previous high school, so I thought that it's gonna be easy since I know places around to take some really nice pics~XD

who knew it became really hard to do the photoshoots with all the 'fans' come chasing after us to have a picture taken with us. It costed us a lot of time and in the end we didn't really got as much shots as I wanted. =3= BOOOO~~
But well, among the shots we took, 95% of it was REALLY REALLY great. :D
also thanx to Hanatsu's awesome makeup skills and her props. :D And also thanx to Michiru for her growing talent in cosplay photography. <3

so, without any further delay, here are the shots for my original version of Miku Hatsune's "Ura-omote Lovers"!!!!!! OwO/ <3

*all pics will be in random order so please don't be in headache-d mode when you see them~ |D


"Innocence is what I portray best, and it's what makes me makes you guilty..."

A lot of my friends said that this was the best shot of the day~ O3O
do you agree? XD

Shot to make my hair looks as if it is flowing = FAIL. OTL

"Look through this mask, and you will find another side of me.
Dare you do that?"

Ignorance is my new best friend~ :)
(and yea, ignore that brown-coloured bag at the back there lol~ |D)

"Innocent little temptress."

"Come to me, and I shall show you another world..."

"A world that only belongs to you and I...."

"A world which I long for..."

"A kiss on the hand maybe quite continental, but diamonds are a girl's best friend~"

A lovely blue-coloured origami rose that I bought from the festival. :3

"I woke up from a dream with a weird feeling in my head..."

"Which side of me do you want to see?"

"Innocent? Cruel? Seductive? Your choice."

"I can be bubbly as well."

"Or are the both of use just confused?"

"I turn back to see you, but...do I expect to see you there?"

"I want to love you..."

"...love you more..."


"A secret to keep...shhh..."

"Or do you want me to tell you..."

"Which side of me do you see?"

"Come to me then."

"Or should I just remove my mask and show you who I really am?"

Here's my fave part of the shoot...
The jumping shots!!!! 8D <3

It was tiring for me to have to jump over & over & over (AND over) again to get ONE perfect shot. But in the end, all of it was PERFECT.
And those jumpings were really a great workout....I guess... XD

Blurry legs shot~ O3O

Looks as if I'm sitting in the middle of the air... XD

Half of my head is gone!!! QAQ

Running in mid air, hehehh~ *w*

Looks like a seventeen Magazine shot to me~ OwO

The image that I wanted~ <3<3

"Love you...today...tomorrow...and ALWAYS..."



Photoshoot credits

24th September 2011, Saturday
Jalan Ipoh Girls Secondary School
VOCALOID2, Miku Hatsune original "Ura-omote Lovers" version

Photographer: Michiru Sin
Makeup: Hainexia Hanatsu
Props: Yukino Hayasaka, Hainexia Hanatsu, Japanese Language Society of Malaysia


Okay,  FINALLY DONE WITH ALL THE PICS!!!! *flops on bed*

A really tiring process to upload all the above pics into this post~ @@ plus with my headache, yea, IT WAS TORTURING. Yayyy~


So anyways, I'll be having my "Creating the Starbucks Experience" class tomorrow, from 10am-2pm at the Berjaya Starbucks Company in Times Square (the main HQ of Starbucks Malaysia) so I won't be around online tomorrow.
Don't worry if you don't take this in mind, I'm just saying. XDD

Okay, so, gotta go for dinner now.

Over and out!!!!

Bye allz~~ :D <3

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