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Sunday, October 16, 2011

16 Oct 2011: Time Well Spent is All I Need... ;)

awesome enough...


And surprisingly, he sounds real sexy~ ;)

And I actually pictured this:
After Draco Malfoy graduated from Hogwarts, he decided to kick magic aside and become a singer!!! *w*


so maybe that won't work in making you smile or laugh..|D

But do enjoy his song~
(and I do wish he's singing this to me, eheheee~ >w< <3)

I have no idea why, but after watching "Harry Potter & The Half-blood Prince" just recently, I'm back into the fandom world of Harry Potter again. And I also rolled around and about in my house while clutching my Harry Potter novel. |D
(does that sound like a good thing to you...? O____O)

Anyhows, will be going back to work tomorrow, so I gotta go sleep now.

NITEZ!!! <3 *hugs everyone*

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