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Monday, October 17, 2011

17 Oct 2011: Silence's Confessions

Mood: 50/50. I have my reasons to be happy. And I have my reasons to be extremely angry now. >:/

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Honestly, I know most of you who knows me in real life would know that I'm someone who rarely confesses what I really feel on the inside. (not just feelings for someone, but problems and all~ =___=) Except for when I'm with my besties, but sometimes I don't even tell them what's my problem.
So instead, I turn to Facebook and Twitter, in hopes that someone's words would help me ease my problems.
And sometimes when things doesn't turn for the better, I would resort to my trustee ol' blog of mine. :)

A place for me where everyone can read and hopefully understand what I'm trying to get off of my chest. :/

For one instance, I seriously don't understand why my mom loves to compare my previous and current workplace. It's as if she's condemning Starbucks or something, seeing it as a place where I don't get paid for working there.

And she obviously just doesn't understand the reason why I quitted my work in BarBQ Plaza and chose Starbucks instead of others.
I quitted my job from BarBQ Plaza, not because I think the workload there is too much for me. Instead, I quitted from there because the kind of tasks they offer to me is just unsuitable for me. Not only it's unsuitable, but it's also where I had to do like, 2 or 3 tasks on my own and the others won't even bother to help me. The seniors are just plain cocky. They just scream at us juniors in hoping that we would finish up their work for them. Okay, so I'm not saying that because I hate them or anything. I don't hate them, but it's just the truth in everyway. Honestly, they see me as someone who doesn't talk back or scold back at anyone when they ask me to do this do that every second and another. I honestly respect them, really, but screaming at us, asking us to do this do that is just not the right way to deal with us who barely worked there for a week or two.

If compared to Starbucks, it's completely different. Though we newbies do make mistakes, but they don't scold us or humiliate us in front of the customers like in BarBQ Plaza. Instead, the partners in Starbucks will help us correct our mistakes. They don't scold  us for no necessary reasons. :/

One more reason I resorted to Starbucks was because the approach to the customers used is WAYYYYY different than in BarBQ Plaza. One of the reason is because in BarBQ Plaza, I'm faced with a challenge of having to speak in Cantonese with the customers.
It's not that I don't want to learn to speak in Cantonese, but I just can't cope with it. ;w;

Starbucks, to me, is a more suitable working environment for me in every way. The pay for part time waitress in BarBQ Plaza may be more than in Starbucks, but honestly, I love it in Starbucks because, well, it suits me really well. :)
And since I'm still in the part time position, so I'm actually quite free to arrange my weekly schedule as I wish in the condition that I work for at least 4 days a week.
And right now, given that it's semester break for most of the part time partners, the schedule is currently full and they've got no where to fit me in except starting from this Thursday.
When I told this to my mom, she was furious and said that maybe they didn't want me to work with them anymore and I should've just stayed working at BarBQ Plaza.


I can't continue working at BarBQ Plaza because you don't know that I was THIS CLOSE to be in need of a back surgery if I didn't quitted from there. My back was paining like hell because of the almost-13-hour-a-day nonstop of painstaking work and I couldn't even tell you a word about it because I know that you'll just say this back to me: This is how life works. You'll have to suffer at first before you can succeed in the end. A little pain like this won't hurt.

I know that you tend to have backaches and all like how I felt back when I was still working in BarBQ Plaza, but if you were to be in my shoes, running around the place like a mad chicken for the whole day, from 10am-12am, I bet you would rather stay at home. :/

Nevertheless, I will prove to you that choosing Starbucks as my work place was a right decision and I will prove to you that they are not as selfish as you think they are. I have a right to decide what's right for my life when the time comes, and I'm reckoning that the time is now.

I hope that my mom and dad is able to understand this and not demotivate me with their words. Honestly, whatever they said to me today just made me want to go back to work even more, but unfortunately, for today, they can't insert me into any part of the schedule, so yea. TTwTT

Anyhows, I just want all of you to know that I never regretted quitting from BarBQ Plaza and choosing Starbucks as my working place for the long run, because I believe that Starbucks IS the place where I can truly see where my potential in business lies. :)

(and honestly, Starbucks is from America, and its line in business is bigger, so why compare it to something so small like BarBQ Plaza? It's not like anyone from America knows it anyway. =n=)

Okay, I'm done with my rage....

at least for now~ XD

I'm thinking that since I won't be called in for work from today til Wednesday, I wanna go hangout at Starbucks with my friends and just, you know, support me SBUX partners, because they're one more reason why I truly believe I can be working there for the long run. ^w^

I see myself even choosing Starbucks over being a civil engineer as my career. I don't know why, but that's just what I'm seeing from now on. *_____*
Oh well, but we'll never know where life will lead us, right?

And I've learnt to be grateful. Grateful that Starbucks is willing to accept me as part of them to make their experience for the customers better. ^____^

Okay, honestly, my rage ends here....
tired from being angry the whole day~ @@
So, I'm gonna recide my anger today by doing something else now.

See y'all soon, fellow netizens!!! <3

Til then...

and you should too~ ;)

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