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Saturday, November 19, 2011

19 Nov 2011: Alone again, but not lonely~

Current mood: DAMN SLEEPY~ =w=

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> Back to December - Taylor Swift
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> Inori ~You Raise Me Up~ - Lena Park
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> Take Over - Mizz Nina ft. Flo-Rida


I always knew in my mind and my heart that this day would finally arrive. And I always have been wondering and imagining how does it feel like, how would I react, how would I accept it in every way.

And when it finally ACTUALLY arrived, things weren't as how I thought it would be.

Yeah, I'm talking about me being single again.

And yes, it's totally different from what I actually imagined it would be.

I always thought that breaking up with a guy would be hurtful and I will be crying my eyes out til I could cry no more. I always thought that I would go through depression and think of ending my life just like that.

But I was wrong.

I was actually much happier, in a sense that although we are no longer in a relationship, but we are still happy to be friends.
At least that's better than having to tolerate a rather annoying boyfriend (an honest POV of mine, thank you very much~ :D)

At least right now that I'm single again, I'm not lonely, as I have loads of other things in life that can help me forget about this problem. :)

For example, my family, friends, and my cosplay. :)
They always help me get through the day.

and speaking of day, it's damn LATE LATE LAAATEEE at night, I need sleep, and I need to go to work tomorrow.

Starbucks for the WIN!! :D

Good night, fellow netizens~ :)
(AND I MISS BLOGGING!!!! o[>w<]o)

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