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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

22 Nov 2011: Love you for A Thousand Years...

Current mood: Too tired til I don't feel sleepy or even have the appetite to eat~ :/ hurrmmmm, something's wrong with my body nowadays~ TTATT

Hey there, everyone!! :D
Here I am, at night, blogging again. I have no life, I know orz
But I'm trying my very best to blog as frequent as I can to keep everyone updated with my life (as to those who actually keep up on what I do everyday, I thank you very much~ ;w; <3)

I'm not much of a Twilight novel fan, but I do watch the movie~ :D (I skipped "Eclipse" though.... TTwTT)
and with the new upcoming Saga, Breaking Dawn part one, releasing VERY soon, all Twilight Saga fans are now in the Twilight frenzy mood, which includes yours truly~ ;)
And of course, yours truly is also on the hunt for new nice songs from the Breaking Dawn saga soundtrack, and here I found, AT LAST, an epicly beautiful song, epicly suitable for Breaking Dawn.

A song brought to you by the  one and only awesome Christina Perri~ :3
Maybe there's alot of you out there have already heard of this song, and also loads of you out there who haven't. Nevertheless, it's worth for me to share the song here for you to enjoy and to LOVE.

No need to post lyrics here or else you'll miss out on the awesomeness of the video~ |D

or if you DO want the lyrics, here's the official lyric video of "A Thousand Years"~

the lyric video is equally epic as the original video, so with this video you can enjoy this epic song while singing along to it~ :3

(all videos belong to their respective owners, I OWN NOTHING!!! >n<)

So, well, ENJOY!!!



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