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Sunday, November 20, 2011

21 Nov 2011: Iratella Catena @ GAMP 2011

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Yea, I know, GAMP 2011 was almost one month ago, but since internet at my house was down for a few weeks, so, yea, I only get to upload it NAO~ >W<

This wasn't a planned photoshoot actually. It just so happened that Hanatsu bought the sword from one of the booths there, we both happened to cosplay as Iratella and Hainexia (which, yea, only like a FEW people knows that we were cosplaying as Iratella and Hainexia, and we only happened to cosplay as them because we were kinda lazy to do fancy cosplays. Very troublesome. |D) and we just thought of doing it for fun. :3
and all of a sudden it just turned out to be, well, PRETTY NICE. 8D

Though some looks kinda...weird...but, well, I like 'em. :3

Iratella Catena Vongola Sword photoshoot
GAMP 2011 @ IMU Bukit Jalil

Photographer: Michiru
Make-up: Hanatsu
Props (sword): Hanatsu
Edits: yours truly~ ;)

Mai favourite shot of the day~ >W< <3

Fierce eyes are fierce~ *staressss*

I carry the burden from both the Vongola and the Catena family, and this sword is the symbol of the two family's bond.



at the event venue, they prepared a little small set that is Halloween-themed for us to take some pictures there (note the spider cobwebs on the background~ |D)

Edited these as well to give the studio-like effect~ *w* -proudface.jpg-


Well that's about it then. This is the last photoshoot that I'm having until Comic Fiesta 2011. Have to cut down on my photoshoots for now coz i have to work and I don't have time for it~ |D

My new costume has arrived last week~ (THANKS DOUJI!!! >W< )
gonna post up pics of my pwetty new costume when I have the time~

til then,

(and I'm sick again.... TTWTT)

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