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Sunday, March 27, 2011

26 Mar 2011: Lesson on Love-declaration in Facebook~

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hey y'all internet folks! ^o^/

sorry for not updating for quite a while now~ I initially wanted to wait for Michiru to upload the pics from the SPM result release day, then only I'll update my blog.

but under one of my dear imouto's request (sorreh, no camwhore pics for the moment yea~ -w-) I decided to update my blog with some random topics for the moment.

And for today, it'll be about love-declaration on Facebook publicly and how it's affecting others.

(lol, I think I made it sound so hazardous~ XD)

[P.S: No, I'm not being jealous again~ =3= I'm just stating my honest opinions and no more than that~ :D So don't misunderstand anything~ =w=+]


(I hereby state that this post is from my point of view as a relationship consultor~ :D)

Okay, so...love-declaration to one another.
It is a normal thing to do in reality or even in the virtual world (social networks, especially).

So, if it's in reality, it is a MUST to maintain a relationship. (like duh, takkan wanna say "I haet joo" pulak~ XD) So I don't mind if a couple wants to show that they love each other AS LONG AS they don't over-do it or even do excessive 'Public Display of Affections' such as make-out or hugging...too intimately. (seriously, I hate that~ D:<)

Then, it comes to social networking sites.

So, when a couple is a unable to meet up with one another, they'll depend on social networking sites (especially Facebook, as based to what I'm observing now~) to contact one another.

And as if announcing that you and a particular person is in a relationship by changing your relationship status to "In a relationship" or "Married to" (<--- for unmarried couples, putting up your status as this makes me wanna punch you in the face~ =w=+) with your beloved isn't public enough, and yet you still go around to your beloved's profile and posted CLEARLY AND OBVIOUS on his/her wall or also update your own status that states "I LOVE YOU" or "I MISS YOU~ *hugs* <3" and all.

Seriously~!!! @A@
It annoys me!!! it's as if you are trying to show off to the world that you are in a relationship and that you're awesome!! >A<

I know, I know that's it's not right for me to butt into others' relationships or anything, but as someone who has been observing things that has been going around, I take this real seriously to myself and also to all those who feel the same way as me.

Now, I don't remember Facebook as being a social network site specially only for couples/lovers to keep declaring your love to one another and also to say lovey-dovey things to one another~ >A<

it's okay for you, I know~ but have you ever considered what others would think about you?

sheesh~ >.> obviously those who feels proud about doing that have never taken others' feelings into account before saying anything~

I'm not trying to say that it's bad, but it's just pretty annoying and it's...as what I would think as inappropriate~ D:
because by declaring your love to one another publicly especially in Facebook, you're not just declaring your love to one another; you're actually declaring your love to one another AND TO THE WHOLE WORLD!!!

All you wanted to do was to tell the whole world that you love him/her??
Well, unless you're saying that you love the world and want to maintain world peace, then I'll assume that as an exception~ =w=
Relationship statuses to me is more than enough to show the world that you are in a relationship, and posting wall posts or statuses that declares your love to him/her is just over-exaggerating the relationship~ D:
as if while being together, you won't even have the time to tell "I love you" to him/her in less than 2 seconds.

like, WTF man~ =n=

I may not be a person who's very pro in relationships (or even have been in a relationships) but that doesn't mean that I don't have any ideas about all these things~ =3=

So, for the last time, let me tell all those who likes to declare their love to their beloved publicly...




This part of the post is specially for one particular person that I've been observing for a pretty long time. Whether or not that person will read this post, hopefully it'll give some realization to that person and...you know, get that person to think in that person's right mind.

(to that girl whom I've been observing for a few weeks now...and yes, she's one of my close friends, so hopefully she gets a wake up call from here~)

A few weeks ago, you said that you were looking for your childhood friend from kindergarden and also stated that you might have a crush on him. You also stated that hopefully when you managed to find him, you want to try to become an item with him.
As one who always supports another to do what they really wanna chase for, I supported her and asked her not to give up and continue to search for him on Facebook.

I really hoped that she would.

But then, all of a sudden, she changed her relationship status to be "In a relationship" with one of the guy cosplayer that have just recently started out in cosplaying. I have no idea whether the relationship between them was genuine or not, because based on her, she said that she changed to that relationship status with him because the both of them planned to do a cosplay pair of Hayate and Nagi from "Hayate no Gotoku". Okay, so, at first I just believed that.

but when I start to see those public love declarations between the both of them (especially from her to him), I'm beginning to feel...odd...because, she said that she would never give up on trying to find that childhood friend of hers and that once she does find him, she will want to be couples with him~ D:

Okay, so, the logical thing here is that if she does find him on Facebook and as promised, she will want to be couples with him. Then she adds him as a friend on Facebook and when he sees that relationship status of hers before confirming her friend request, and when he does approve her friend request and sees that she changes her relationship status to "Single" once he does approve her request, he'll suspect something, no?
(I mean, all of this is to my logic~ and i hope you do understand what i'm trying to explain here~ ;w;)

*Sigh* but what to do? She doesn't see the world the same way as I do.

So whatever her decision is after this, and if she does encounter any problem, it's a maybe that I'll help her. But if the problem as stated above occurs when her childhood friend says that he doesn't want to be couples with her, I don't know if I can help her when the time comes. :/


Ahhh, well, that's it for today's random crap and honest confessions on what I've been keeping inside lately. :)

do note that this is just an honest opinion of mine and not something that I'm writing to shoot anyone here.

Cheers~ :D

This is your KHR and cosplay fanatic blogger, Yukino..




(P.S: I found my passion and true love for taekwondo again~ ;w; <3)

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