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Friday, March 4, 2011

04 Mar 2011: To proceed...or not to proceed...

||Mood||: I request for a ambulance to be sent to my house now, please, thanx~ :)

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Hey y'all~~ 8D

before anyone pounce on me to ask me how's the progress of the game, don't ask me just yet~ = =
lemme just take a deep breath...and calm my mind....as I have been recalling images from the game since last night~ TT_TT




okay, here I go~


My progress so far has been this: (it's the same as before, but it was still a step further than previously)

Raining hall > Old Archieves > Entrance Hall > Archieves

now, I'm a secret room where I have to enter by breaking down the wall. In the room, there's bookshelves arranged in three straight wall and I have to open up one of the bookshelf attached to the wall that will open up and I'll get the key to the Wine Cellar when I go in.
I've gone thru on what I have to do, and I know how to do it. Now all that's left is for me to actually carry it all out.
Problem is...I'm so scared to proceed on all all the following stages...because I was reading a full and extremely detailed playthrough and I found out where and when to expect for a monster to appear.
Yea, I know when, where and how it'll appear, but I don't think I have the will or bravery to attempt to escape from it~ Q____Q

and from that playthrough guide, I found out that these are the places that are the hardest to escape/most terrifying with monsters out and about that is just scary~ @@

> Cellar Archieves: the place where you'll say hi with the Water Lurkers a.k.a the invisible water monsters

> Archieve Tunnels: The section after the Cellar Archieves where the place is still submerged with water, where the only choice you have is to RUUUUUUUNNNN from the invisible water monsters that are still tailing behind you!!!!! @@

> the bedroom in the Guest Room: you'll only have a cabinet at the far end of the room to hide in~ ;w;

> Storage: a lot of people quitted at this part because to escape from the monster is pretty impossible and requires a lot of planning to escape from it~

> any places that has Prison in its name: LOADS OF MONSTERS EVERYWHERE and it's FRIGGIN DARK!!!!


> Morgue: dead bodies and monster. What's not to 'like'? XD

> Sewage: Should be about...2 monsters here, I think~ owo

> Choir Main Hall: It'll be pretty dark, but bright enough to let you see your surroundings. Monsters here are LOADS!!!! And we can only walk around this place by crouching down~

> Chancel: one step away from the Inner Sanctum, but monsters (the awesome Brutes!!!) will be lingering around~ 8D

> Inner Sanctum: not really scary...but since it's the last part of the game, so it's all up to what you'll do to get that revenge that Daniel wants~

So...what's not to like about this game? XD
(sorry, but I'm just being sarcastic~)

this is the link to the complete playthru guide of the game: http://www.gamershell.com/faqs/amnesiathedarkdescentwalkthrough/1.10/

you are advised to use this only if you are really a blur kind of person but wants to complete the whole game~ but for those who prefer to adventure out and about by your own without the help of any guide, then better don't read it, because this playthru guide is practically a guide to finish up the whole game step by step in total detail~ it has everything detailed in it: from the positions of tinderboxes and oil, which room to go, how to solve this or that, how does the thing go, and so on~
(i might be referring to this guide once a while, but not to the extend of following every single thing the guide tells me~ XD)
well...I really really want to get to that last part of the game and get that accomplished feeling for finishing one of history's scariest game~
but meh...if I were to really do so, I will have to take two months to do so, as I will be pausing the game all the time when a monster pops out of nowhere~ ;__;
take note, peeps, in two months, yea? @@


I've just found out that second batch for National Service will be from 1st May - 16th July~ and I'm still wondering why the news for which batch I'll be in has not been given to me yet~ :/
pissed off!!! >A<



I've changed some of the chapter titles again after going through some of the new songs that I've been hooked with lately. I've also went thru all the lyrics and interpreted it to see where and when it fits according to the original story plot that I've arranged~ :)
all of it should be better compared to the last one I've arrange, so you can expect it to be...nicer, I guess?? XD

So now, I shall go start some planning and also start typing out chapter six~

and try to see whether I still have the heart to continue the damn game~ ;__;

This is your cosplay and KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino........




(P.S: I just watched a couple of yaoi movies earlier today...and I realized that watching yaoi movies is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from watching yaoi animes...I'm still a bit traumatic now after watching it~ @@)

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