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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

15 Feb 2011: My beloved new gladiator flats~ ♥

||Mood||: happeh happeh, ish watching "10 Promises to My Dog" now~ :D

||Currently listening to||
> 88 - LM.C ("Katekyo Hitman Reborn!" OP)
> Boys & Girls - LM.C ("Katekyo Hitman Reborn!" OP)
> Cyclone - 12012 ("Romeo X Juliet" ED)
> Shiver - The GazettE ("Kuroshitsuji II" OP)

> Rain - SID <-- it is raining outside now, btw~ XD
> Uso - SID ("Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood" OP)
> Be With You - BoA ("10 Promises to My Dog" OST)


Hey y'all~ :D

Remember about the ohsum new dark grey gladiator flats I mentioned in one of my recent previous posts? Hoho, I was thinking of posting it up some time soon, so I think I'll share them now~ :D

(just wanna share my love towards my new flats~ ;w; <3)

(and clearly, this is all done because, once again, I've nothing else to do~ yea, my life is THAT empty~ pratically it's because I didn't made an effort to try to make it....more...useful-ish...?)

Ta-daaaahhhhh!!!! <3 (and ignore my flabby calves, thanx~ ;w;)
It's dark grey in colour and on each of the straps, there's chain details on it~ gorgeous for the win!! \(^o^)/

and it runs all the way up to just above the ankles~

The zip is located at the back~ (like, duh~ =w=)

Bought it from Nose in Midvalley, and the price is a staggering RM89.90 (<-- most expensive shoes that I owned to date~ QuQ)
And that is why I dont wear it out often, only for special occasions~ :3


Just a little note on my ongoing fanfic project:
Yeah, I'm STILL NOT DONE with chapter 5 (i'm an awesome procrastinator~~yayyy....?  =w=|||)
But- it's ongoing, that's for sure.
Honestly, chapter 5 is damn long, longer than chapter 4~ @@ right now, it IS going on, but it's only somewhere about 65% close to the end~ (STILL SUCH A LONG WAY TO GOOOO!!!! QAQ) and I hope I will be able to finish it by this week (I know, i said that a few weeks ago~ QnQ) so that I can keep going on with it~ ;w;

It's a bit...odd...during the climax...but that's the best my brain could afford to think of at the moment~ so please bear with my sucky fanfic writing skills~ *criessssss*


I have got to continue working on chapter 5 til the end if I'm going to want to finish the whole thing up within this week. I really need to finish the whole thing before I leave for National Service.

And by the way, to all SPM 2010 candidates, according to my form 5 english teacher, it is said that the results for SPM will be announced within this month, most probably by the end of this month. So, better get yourself prepared for that lifetime moment that will be able to crush or mend your future life~ :')

I'm gonna have to prepare myself for that too~ QuQ

Til next time,
this is your cosplay & KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino...




(P.S: How did all of you celebrated Valentines' Day yesterday? :D As for me....hehehehhhhh....go read the "P.S" part of yesterday's post~ ;D)

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