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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

22 Feb 2011: Superb Saturday (●´∀`)つ

||Mood||: Annoyed...the broadband created trouble just now that made the computer crashed several times now~ O_e|||

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Told ya last Saturday was gonna be a blast~ ;D though the hangout session was short of a few hours~ (we usually stay out and return home only close to 6pm, but that day, I reached home by 4pm~ >w<) but it was oh-so-fun!!! XD And I just found myself a new fave shopping destinations~ OwO ♥♥

As usualllll....at about 10am+, reached school bus stop > waited for Hanatsu and Michiru to arrive > after all have arrived, go by bus to Titiwangsa monorail station > waited for Kaede's arrival > after arrived, all take off to TIMES SQUARE!!!! XD

When we reached Times Square, it was still pretty early (wanted to eat McDonalds, but it wasn't the time for the McValue lunch time yet) so we went for a 'trip' to all the I-sock branches in the place~ XD
Had a hell of a fun cuci-mata-ing with all the pretty lolita dresses, punk shirts, boots and awesome shoes that all came with an awesome price~ 8D *shot*
ah yea, while we're at it, I observed all the price of some items that I wished to buy soon to be used in any future cosplay plans~ and we were commenting and suggesting some new clothes that'll be nice on Michiru~ :3 (yea...most of it are lolita-girly kind~ XD)

Afterwards, went to McD, waited for approx 15 minutes for 12pm to arrive, then finally can eat brunch~ :'D After eating, we headed straight for the arcade area!!!! XD
And we played our ultimate fave arcade shooting game, "Elevator Action: Death Parade" til finish~ XD and wasted about...RM30 or more just to finish the whole damn game~ ;__; though finished it, but somehow, we felt a bit...unsatisfied~ :/

Anyways, headed out from the place to go walk around a bit more~ and oh, enjoyed playing with Michiru's new semi-pro camera, taking pics of a lot of things, especially the lion dance that was held outside the main entrance of TS.Well...we didn't exactly...take anything from the start, coz by the time we reached there, it was all over. QnQ 
We just took a couple of random pics of the lion dance head, trying out variable effects on the camera~ XD
Went to Krispy Kreme to buy my family a box of a dozen original glazed doughnuts then headed off to the newly opened shopping mall, Farenheit 88 that's located just opposite of Pavillion~

Went in to Uniqlo first to look for the anime-inspired t-shirts, but...they were no longer available!!! ;w;
sigh...so we moved on to go check out the whole mall.

And DAMN!!! I'm lovin' the place~ *w*
So many boutiques that sell clothes that are of the fave style of my sisters and I~ oh damn, especially the one that sold bohemian-inspired ones~ oh, so pretty~ <3 If i'm not wrong, it was called "Ethnics"~ and I'm also lovin' the one called "Afternoon*" that sold so many cute clothes and handmade accessories from Korea~ oh, heaven~ :D (but of course, since they were handmade, so they're pretty expensive~ ;w;)

Time reached 3pm fast. Dad called and asked me to go home. FAST!!! =w=
So, we went home.
Monorail > moved to 3 diff spots to finally find a bus stop > got onto bus > stopped at my house area's bus stop > walked home slowly coz feet hurts orz.

Aaaaand that was practically it~ :D

Simple day, but it was awesome and precious to the four of us who barely meet up every day like we usually do back in high school~ ;w;


nahhh, didn't buy anything much from the day, but THIS caught my eyes~ ;D
once i saw it and the awesomely affordable, I couldn't resist not to buy it~ OwO

here it is....

it's actually a bead necklace, but it's called as a bubble necklace coz the beads look like bubbles~ :D

and prepare for more of my crappy idiot-looking-bimbo camwhore looks~ XD;;;

yeassss!!! XDD aint it pretty? and it's so colourful, so any outfit will go with this~ :D
and I dont know why, but i'm so into colourful accessories nowadays~ :3

Pose #1~ :D

Oh, the model-wannabe-failed look~ :D


:'D so fail~~
what a phail pose~~ TTwTT

Kissu~ ;3

And then i twisted one end of the necklace slightly so that it's tighter and can be made as a hairpiece~ :D
and it looks pretty nice too!!! <3
but i dont think I'll wear it like this when I go out~ I'm afraid the string will snap~ O__O

nyaoo!! o(=^w^=)o

ze innocent face i usually make~ :3

Warate!! :D

Item: Pastel-shaded multi-coloured bubble (beaded) necklace
Price: RM 16 (ohhh yea, damn awesome price)
Bought from: Heart Attack @ Farenheit 88

i'm gonna pair it with everything i wear (casual, mostly) from now on~ *w*


Awesome day~ :D

And oh, those who have been looking forward to chapter 5 of my fanfiction, a note to all of you...

After two months of hard work (and loads of unnecessary procrastinations along the way~ >.>|||), it's finally done~ ;D and it's probably the LONGEST chapter in a fanfic that I've written so far~ ;w;
my brain nearly died trying to finish it up orz...so right now, I'm gonna take a break from fanfic writing for a couple of days before resuming with chapter 6. While that break, I can draft out the story roughly based on the original story timeline I've planned~

and oh, remember to prepare a tab for Translate Google while reading chapter 5, coz you HAVE to translate the Italian lines into english to fully understand what Dino's saying to Iratella~ :3

and now, I'm off to mop ze floor!!! 8D

This is Yukino....




(P.S: It's so hotttttt~~ =A=)

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