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Monday, February 14, 2011

14 Feb 2011: A Galore of Epic Boredom Madness~

||Mood||: Still tired from all the karaoke fun I had from last night's CNY open house~ =3=

||Currently listening to||
> Alice - Miku Hatsune
> Ai Kotoba - Miku Hatsune
> Love Story - Taylor Swift
> You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
> Back to December - Taylor Swift
> Only One - Yellowcard
> Trust You - Yuna Ito ("Gundam 00" ED)
> Precious - Yuna Ito

[some nice love songs to put myself in the mood of Valentines' Day despite being single~ :D]


When one is bored, he/she is capable of doing so many...illogical things~
and for my case, I ransacked all my wigs, wore them one by one and camwhored like an imbacile for the whole night~
But of course, I did that for a pretty good reason, and you will know what it is, hopefully, halfway through the whole thing~ ;D

So just sit back, relax, scroll down the pictures one by one and maybe puke a little along the way~ :)

Oh, don't say that you won't, coz I'm pretty sure some of you would~ XD

WARNING: I wasn't wearing any makeup during this....camwhore session because it was almost midnight and I was tired to take the time to put on the makeup and remove them again, so I looked a little...not pretty~ please forgive me on that if you have to look at my pimply face~ ;w;


First up is with my dear beloved char kuey teow Miku wig~ :D

The shot was nice, but it weas....BLUR~~ ;A;

Yeaaaaa, it's me trying to act all cute~ =w=

:D <3

A medium used to cover up my pimply face~ >w<

Dawwwww, the dog's kissing my cheeks~ <3

Teeheee~ <3

A nicer shot of the same pose~ :D (but with more obvious pimples OTL)

Fill the air with more hearts and loves~~~ <3<3<3


Then, next, Hanatsu's Mikuo wig~ :D

And from this shot onwards, I knew I was never meant to cosplay as Mikuo~~
coz I look so weird in the wig~~ =3=


Cheeka-cheek~ ;)

It's a sneer...? Or a grin...? >:3

This expression is similar to this smiley -> OnO

I'm a happy Mikuo (??) ~~ XDD

Rawrrr!!!!!!!! >D


 Now, time for Hanatsu's Alois wig~ :D

Herp-derp~~ 8D
i look like a bimbo with that expression~~~~

Bimbo alert!!!!!!!!!!

I look like some epic phail shota wannabe~ =.=

Snobbish-blonde-bimbo face FTW~ |D

but no so~~~ *winks and smirks*

Yes?? OuO



 Presenting....my beloved short brown wig from Fantasy Sheep which I used for my original character for Fujoshi High School~ <3

Y'know what, I'm pretty disappointed in myself on why I didn't managed to style this wig of mine as nice as these pics compared to back in CF2010~
I look so much better here, and yet I look so crappy and geeky in CF2010 due to my lame wig-styling technique back then~ QwQ

Oh well...at least now I know better on what to do~ ;w;

Compare THIS!!!!

and you'll see what an idiot I am for not styling the wig to this current one back then, thus ruining my whole look for the photoshoot~ ;w;

Shota-ish look trial, phailed~ Yes/No?

I'm trying to act cute, but I guess I'm just no good at it~ =3=

Innocent smile desu~~ :D <3


my nails, ahahahhhh~~~

Mission: Act Cool = EPIC FAIL~ 8D

Another act-cute-trial that ended up in failure~ =3=

It looks like I'm posing like this -> OuO

Hohohohoooo, perasan face~~ *w*

A more genuine smile of mine~ :D

Act-cute-attempt again, success or another epic failure? OwO

Gimme five!!! <3

Nyaoooo~ XD

(wait...what does acting like a cat have to do with Fujoshi seme team?? Oh wait...coz I'm becoming insane here due to extreme boredom~ =3=)


Weird pic~ hahahhhhh~ |D


And lastly, something more natural: MY ORIGINAL HAIR~~ XD <3

It's grown longer now, rite? :D Waiting for it to grow LONGER~~~ so that I can style it to Iratella's hairstyle like how I illustrated in my mind to make it easier for me to do photoshoots~ :3

Heeeeee~ :D

More hearts to go around~~ <3

 Blur look on my face~ XD

Not so...genuine smile~~ |3

Weird-from-top-angle pose with my beloved Miku Magnet tophat~ <3
I thought of selling it off~ but I seem to love it so much to let it go~ :(

Good day, mate~ ;D

Serious face~ >:3


Presenting to you my beloved Miku Magnet tophat~ :D
which is the size of almost the length of my head~ XDD

more of me and my Magnet tophat~ <3

Have a large heart specially for today~ :D <3

Well, if you've been guessing that this post is meant for Valentines' Day (well...considering the date, it's obvious, right? XD) then you're right!!! <3
Hehe, well, all these pics are taken last Saturday (12 Feb) while I was so damn bored due to nothing to do (Aiyuko took control of the PC the whole day that day~ =3=)
but I did kinda...thought of it for a couple of days before~ a little something for everyone without the need of doing a major official photoshoot for Valentines~ :D

So, sincerely from me to everyone.....


which...(obviously) means~~



Well, I'm still energy-depleted from last night's CNY open house in Damansara Idaman (in the area of Tropicana Mall), crazy karaoke-ing nearly made my voice die~ @@

Haha, so I guess I'll be going to bed earlier for tonite~~

Or.......maybe continue to work on my fanfic?? yea, i'll do that~ :D

This is your cosplay & KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino......




(P.S: well, since tonight's Valentines' Day, so I might as well celebrate with the most awesome person I've known for my whole life: ME!!!!!! XD <3 Lol, well, it's awesome to celebrate with your own self~ ;D And oh, I shall also go celebrate with my dear Dino Cavallone tonight by....uhm....yea, PnC~ only authorized people [Yumizo only~ XD] knows about it~ *w*)

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