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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

12 April 2011: Blondie on the loose!! XD

||Mood||: I'm always feeling sleepy nowadays... =_= this sucks~~

||Currently listening to||
> Romeo and Cinderella - Nico Nico Chorus cover by Tonon ( とのん), Seriyu (セリユ), Komota (コモ太), Usa (うさ), Regi (レジ), Tama, Yumo (ゆも) & Hanatan (花たん) [repeating this song over...and over...and over again... XD]

[yeahhh...repeating it all over again to try to grasp the timing of the lyrics in parts that are pretty fast~ ;w;]
[and yes, I may be performing this live in an ACG event anytime soon~ XD]


Ohaithar~ :D

in case you've noticed, my blog posts date finally has an arranged patte- sequence, I mean.
I'll post one or two posts every two days~XD
but the sequence might change depending on my mood~ XD

but that's not the point for today~ :D <3


Today, I shall show you how...weird...and bimbo-ish...I look like when I'm wearing a blonde wig.

Oh, no worries, it's not my wig. Nor it's the Alois wig that I wore and camwhored with before.
It's a new wig!!! XD

and it's not mine. =w=

The wig belongs to Hanatsu for her Project DVST 2011 character, Hanatsu Matsuno. :D
and just when I thought her wig wouldn't arrive within this week which makes me have to cancel and postpone the shoot to another time later after I come back from National Service, it actually arrived at about 12.30pm earlier today~ ^^

and upon Hanatsu's request, I have worn and camwhored (and make myself look like an idiot~ |D) with the wig to show you how it looks like~ :D

ready for another around of superb ugliness of mine?

Don't say I never warned you~ >:D


And as usual, to start off, it's...


Yesss, that's my house address~ come find for me if you dare~ I'll release the lions if you are someone I don't know~ >:D

Package desuuu~~ wig's inside there~ XD

And these are the contents of the package!! ^O^/
the wig's still safe and sound in there~ <3

the tab of the wig, showing the name of the taobao shop that Hanatsu bought it from~ <3

took the wig out from the plastic bag and the net and placed it on the wig stand~ :D
the wig looks like this!! XD
(And I'm still wondering up to date on which character's wig is this orzzz)



And do be reminded that I've not put any makeup on me during this (lame) camwhore session, so proceed at your own risk~ >D

 and voila!!!! XD
how do I look in blonde? 8D
looks kinda like Rin Kagamine's hair style here, doncha think? :3

ahhh, weird smile~ =3=

call me? XD
and yes, that's a Harry Potter t-shirt that I'm wearing~ <3

what is this?? some kind of bimbo retard??? D<

close-up shot~ :D (and look at those pimples~~ =3=)

I brought the back part of the hair to the front, and I look...like...uhmm....

what do I look like? |D

Looks like I can pass for cosplaying as Rangiku Matsumoto from "Bleach"~ <3
just that my--- oh, nevermind, let's not get to that point. -3-

(yes, my expression was somewhat like that...right...?)

Can you keep my secret safe with you? ;D

and that's all for today's camwhore session!!!!!!! XD


Honestly, I'm not really sure if I can get a green light for this Saturday's photoshoot with my mom's current condition~ D:
though I do really hope that I'm able to go for the shoot as this will be my last shoot before I leave for National Service, but somehow...I myself is unconvinced with what my parents' answers will be.
and now, I'm freaking out.

No joke.

So, right now, I'm praying with all my heart that I will be able to go for the shoot without having my parents to worry about me.

Because this will be my last shoot for the time being until after I come back from National Service.

this is your cosplay and KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino...




(P.S: Raining season is coming along~ and so are the mosquitoes~ =3= *whacks mosquitoes*

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