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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

02 October 2012: First post of the month

Current mood: Well, what to say, I'm ALWAYS TIRED. =___=

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> Sleeping Beauty (Manuela's theme) from "Resident Evil/ Biohazard: The Darkside Chronicles"
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It's October already....o3o

Who knew that time could fly so fast, like LITERALLY.

It was in August when I first started my first day in Foundation, and now, it's already October, and I barely felt it pass by TT______TT

what's most important is that my mid term exams is coming up on the 13th October. It's stressful coz I know that it's coming and I'm STILL not prepared for it. Or maybe I'm just prepared to fail it. Q3Q but no matter what, I know that my midterms will be my only chance to repent myself from my mistakes of my quiz time, especially calculus. So, I'd really love it if everyone would wish my GAMBATTE!!! in my progress towards achieving good results. All exams and assignments matter OTL

Procrastination at its finest?
Most likely ;)

Btw, I've just updated my Twitter background after, like, SO LONG hurhurrrrrr....XD
and here it is~:

Still Dino Cavallone, I know QuQ
But he's so HOTTT~~~ QAQ <3 p="p">

So, do you like it?



So, I gotta go back to reality now instead of being a dreamer (lololollll WHY SO DEEEEEPPP) 

Signing out~~



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