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Saturday, September 29, 2012

30 September 2012: SCREW QUIZ yayy

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Well, I'm not sure how many of my readers here are of the same intake batch as me, but as we all know, last Friday was helluva....hell. |D especially all those in the Science field (ones who took calculus as part of our core subjects, and yes, I was one of them ;~;)

SO YEA, the calculus quiz especially was pretty screwed up. I had absolutely no idea what I did for the paper.... o3o
I can guarantee that it WILL be a fail, so apparently, I don't need to go through sleepless nights to imagine what will the outcome be. QuQ

We also had the Computing Principles quiz, which they made it as if it was our final exams or something, in a senses that it was all so real exam-oriented, different from all the other quizzes. Weird, I know. =__=
Anyhow, the paper was quite okay. Only problem was  I made a lot of careless mistakes, so I can tell that my Computing Principles lecturer will kill me for all those stupid mistakes =___=

So the conclusion of this experience?


Study in advance at all times.

For the mistakes that I've done for my quizzes, I shall repent it with the upcoming mid term exams and use my mid term exam results to cover up for the wrongdoings of my quizzes. ;u;

and with that, I shall end my post for the day. :D nothing much to crap about nowadays, but I'll try to keep my blog updated as much as I can :)


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