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Monday, July 5, 2010

05 July 2010~

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>Tears From Heaven - Elissa
>Miracles May - Idou Tanako ("Sweet Pool" ED)
>Not Myself Tonight - Christina Aguilera

Monday blues~~ still stuck with me although now it's 11:00 p.m.. Am I having some sort of depression? AHHH~~~!!!!!!!

*smacks myself*

Sorry~ XD
I'm at my most random moment now~
too much pressure I guess.... @@

Have you guys watched the first episode of "Kuroshitsuji II" ?
Hehe, if your answer if "No", then HECK!!! You are SO not a Kuroshitsuji fan!!! XD
*evades flying bricks being thrown at me*
Okay, just joking~~ >w>
but seriously, go watch it!!!!! It's seriously awesome!!! Episode one is out with eng subs~you can already find it on YouTube~ :D
I heard that episode two is out~ but I'll wait a little longer before watching it coz I wanna wait til the eng subs version come out~ hoho, I can't stand watching an anime so awesome and yet not being able to understand what they're saying~ >w>||||

It's July now. And I just realized that my schedule for this month is SURPRISINGLY packed. So many activities and events, plus homeworks and  projects, revisions, blahblahblah~~ no wonder so many of us are falling sick easily lately, that includes me.....OMG~@@

So...let's just see how many activities are there that will be going on for me ~
Beginning from this week onwards~

7 July: Continuation of Taekwondo upgrading exams
(part one, two and three. poomsae part was taken last Sunday)

8 July: Picture session of our class for our page in the school magazine~

9 July-10 July: Perkhemahan Badan Beruniform Karnival Koko

11 July: Seminar Skor A Bahasa Melayu at Universiti Malaya (+World Cup finals~ *w*)

12 July-16 July: Minggu PSS
(Oh, my, there's gonna be tons of competition to participate in~~ busy busy week~)

17 July: C2AGE
(Yes, I promised myself not to go to any events until SPM is over~ but this is for the sake of borrowing my wig to Chiaki and also to claim the MAGe Fiesta t-shirt from Waninoko~ trust me, I won't be cosplaying for C2AGE~ just gonna be a photographer and Chiaki's helper for the day~)

23 July: Hari Penyampaian Sijil Penghargaan Ko-kurikulum
24 July: JIGSS Annual School Resource Centre Gathering 2010
(Initially, it was supposed to be next Saturday, but it got postponed~)
and Malaysian International Toy Fair
(HECK!!!! My fave cosplayer, Alodia Goseingfiao, is gonna be there!!! I SO SO SO WANNA SEE HER!!!!!!)

25 July: SMK Bandar Utama Damansara 4 Canteen Day
(Got asked by Candace to go...she wants me to go so badly even though I insisted on not going~ >w>|||)

31 July: MTV World Stage 2010
Not so sure though whether this is all in my schedule~
I'll update again on my schedule if I get to know more upcoming events...

(Ugh....busy life~@@)

Okayz, gotta go rush my homeworks now~

This is your KHR/yaoi fanatic blogger, Yukino~



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