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Thursday, July 15, 2010

15 July 2010~

Currently listening to:
>Sakura Kiss for strings ("Ouran High School Host Club" INS)
>Inori ~You Raise Me Up~ - Lena Park ("Romeo X Juliet" OP)
>Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare - May'n ("Shangri-La" OP)
>Daydreamin' - Taniyama Kishou ("Sukisyo" ED)
>World is Mine - Miku Hatsune
>Falco - Hitomi Shimatani ("The Law of Ueki" OP)

Kinda late to update my blog now (it's currently 12:51am, and I should be sleeping now!!!)
So just some random drabbles with the most important point of the day.... ><
Today....was the day ....that I recieved this text message from 15888....

"Tahniah! -my ic number- dipilih menyertai PLKN Siri 8/2011."

In case you can't understand, here's the direct translation....

"Congratulations! -my ic number- is chosen to join the 8th National Service year 2011"

Yup, you've guess it....

I WAS CHOSEN!!!!!!!!!!
I'm SOOO going to National Service next year!!!!!!!

Some of my cosplay buddies are already chosen, so we are currently sharing our misery/joy together.
Tomorrow I shall ask my classmates. If someone in my class was chosen, then it'll be okay. But...if I'm the only one, then I shall see all of you in heaven~

Well...to be honest...I'm having mixed feelings for this...I seriously have no idea if I should be happy or devastated to be chosen to join National Service.

Happy: get new experience
Devastated: 3 friggin months!!! How about my KHR photoshoot?????

will have to see which session I will go to...and which camp am I sent to...OTL
Hopefully nothing bad will happen when I'm at the camp...
or maybe in 3 weeks upon arrival, you will see the newspaper headline about the death of an NS trainee, which is ME~ orz *touches wood*

But...what can I do? I don't wanna go in jail, so...guess I have no choice but to...GO~~
SAVE ME!!!!!!!!

Whoops...late now...so gotta go off to sleep now~

This is your beloved yaoi/KHR/cosplay fanatic blogger, Yukino,


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