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Friday, September 3, 2010

03 September 2010~: Prologue of the Hari Raya holidays

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Thank Goodness It's Friday (no, I'm not talking about TGI Fridays~ XD)~
It's finally the holidays!!!
Been a pretty long wait fot this day to arrive, when I can finally get some- no, not some... but PLENTY of rest from all these harsh weeks~ XD

But well, as usual~~ we SPM candidates won't have that much of a fun holiday (AS USUAL) as we will be sticking our noses into all our books and extra exercises to prepare ourselves for SPM trials. Yup. SPM trials begins on 27 September. Yeah, it may seem like still a long way to go, but in fact, it's not. Days go by really fast lately, so in a snap, school will reopen and we will be taking our exam by the next. Wow, am I ready to die or am I ready to die~ (Oh heck, yesh, I AM ready to die~ )

Btw, we have recieved our SPM trials time table. One look at it makes me nervous for the whole day. It is set. Our big day is coming soon~ the day when screwing up the papers aren't the best option if you wanna succeed in life. The arrangement of the papers in the time table was pretty fair, but... well, still... I feel more and more scared whenever I look at all the subjects. I can actually begin to imagine how will the exam turn out to be. Heh, I bet I can't even score a single A+ for the trials even if it's English. How hard can it be, you ask? Well, save that question for yourself and try it out by your own, then tell me how it feels. XD

Feeling tired on the first day of a long term school holiday (Long term, as in, two weeks~ XD) is nothing unusual, as you have wasted a lot of energy for all this time, and when you finally found the time for a break, then you'll realize how tired you have been. So, that's practically how I am feeling right now. Sleepy, tired, worn out.
The bed seems so seductive, I just feel like raeping it tonight. (Just a figure of speech!! XD)
Which means I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight. No one shall disturb!!! My slumber tonight can only be peaceful and harmonious with no disturbance of anu form. Anyone who dares to wake me up from my slumber will be thrown into the sea filled with merciless flesh-eating piranhas!!!!!
Lol, of course I was just joking~
(yeah... lame jokes usually pops out whenever he or she is in a half-concious mode, like I am right now.... >.>|||)

This two-week holidays is also a good time for me to catch up on some of my story.
So, this is how I plan. I will do my revision during the daytime and finish up my story at night. That way, I can still write my story and study at the same time~ just hope I won't get too caught up on finishing my story until I abandon my responsibility to do my revisions. Literally, that will be my last option if I were to wish to succeed in my trials~ :D

Ahh~ time for me to start on my story~
oh, just before I sign off, I'd like to wish to all the Muslims out there....


Have an awesome Hari Raya, everyone~ and to all the non-muslims, have a great holidays~ and to all my classmates and of course all my form 5 friends, have a great time spending our school holidays studying for the sake of trials, kay? ^O^

Okays then~
any update on this week will be updated tomorrow as now I'm going to catch up on my story now~ (yeah, I've repeated it twice.. so what?? XD)

This is your Kuroshitsuji/KHR/yaoi/cosplay fanatic, Yukino...


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