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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

31 August 2010~

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Today is Malaysia's public holiday!!!!
31 August of 2010 marks the 53rd year of our country's independence day. Thousands of people gathered at the Bukit Jalil stadium today to celebrate this special day as one. The spirit of 1Malaysia could be felt there (though I was only watching it live from the TV, but I somewhat felt the patriotism spirit as well~).
The celebration today is the best example of the 1Malaysia concept. People of all races come together, putting their differences aside to celebrate the independence day. I must say that we can all maintain this peace for as long as possible if we just put racism aside.

Hmm.... btw, do you guys know that today happens to be the birthday of our dear Miku Hatsune?
Yes!!! It's true!!!
Today is Miku Hatsune's birthday!!!!

So everyone, put your hands together and bid happy birthday to our beloved....


So, how was my way of celebrating the independence day? Haha~ staying cooped up in the Times bookshop in the Hartamas Shopping Centre as I bury my noses into lotsa books.
The best books that I've read so far are the ones concerning Italy. Yes, the kind of books that tell anything and everything about Italy. From the best tourist destinations to the names of the streets in Milan, Florence and Rome, and to the time taken to get there, lotsa stuffs needed for my fanfiction. I got a lot of new knowledge on Italy, especially Milan coz that's the main venue of the whole story.

One more purpose that I've set Milan as the main venue of the story is because Milan is the fashion capital of Italy. And since Iratella is a girl whose fashion sense is unbeatable among the rest of the other female mafias, it is rather logical to place the main venue of the story as Milan. Plus, Milan is friggin pretty in everyway. There are so many different and beautiful places to be part of the story. Milan is simply BEAUTIFUL!!!
The other main venues in the story is, as I said, Rome and Florence, the other two main cities in Italy. There will be more  cities that I will add into my story as I go because *SPOILERS!!!!* there will be one part in the story where Iratella and the others will go on a grand pursuit of the Buio Vendetta across the globe and also across the nation. Haha, I guess this spoiler is more than enough? XD

So well, that's about it for today~
gotta go offline now as tomorrow is a school day...
going back to school again....
No fun!!!!! >A<


This is your KHR/Kuroshitsuji/yaoi/cosplay fanatic blogger, Yukino...


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