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Monday, August 9, 2010

09 August 2010~

Currently listening to:
>California Girls - Katy Perry
>Mayonaka no Shadow Boy - Hey! Say! JUMP ("Scrap Teacher" OST)
>Dear - Miku Hatsune feat. Nico Nico Chorus
>Precious - Yuna Ito ("Umizaru 3: Limit of Love" OST)
>Doubt & Trust - Access ("D-Gray Man" OP)
>Lion -piano version- ("Macross Frontier" OST)

Yup. I'm updating my blog in the middle of the evening. Why, you ask, that I have the time on a Monday?
Haha, that's because it's a holiday for me today!! XD
Our school replaced an extra day for the Hari Raya and Deepavali holidays. The extra day of holiday was supposed to go on the 16 or 17 September to sum up on a total of two weeks holiday for Hari Raya. But since we didn't get the approval to do so, so the school placed the holiday on today~ heehehehhhh~~~

So, since today was a rare weekday holiday, I took this "golden" (Lol whut????) opportunity to have a good rest after one week of restlessness. And heck yea, I got a good rest. After this it will be no more playing and fooling around plus online-ing til late night like I usually do, coz after this I SERIOUSLY have to focus on my SPM trials!!! It's not very far, you know!!! It's practically less than one month away!!!!!! And if I screw this exam, I can kiss Comic Fiesta 2010 goodbye~~ T^T

wish me luck, ne? ^w^

Now...off to the next topic!!!

Have you ever listened to the electric organ version of "Lion"?
If you haven't, then go listen to it like, NOW!!!
It is a magical piece of work, and I love it so so so much!!!!!!!

This is the link desu~

Title: Lion Macross F Piano Version
Song: "Lion"
Posted by: hikkycendana

I think the name of the girl in the video who was playing the organ is Miko...? Coz that's what the name  in the video states, right? XD

And this is another awesome version of "Lion" that I stumbled upon.
Violin version desu!!!!!

Title: played with violin " ライオン ~Lion~ "  [MacrossF]
Song: "Lion"
Posted by: Tuengxx

Don't laugh at the mask!!!! This person plays the song REAL GOOD!!!!!!!

I say~
I really salute the two players of these two vids coz wow, they are simply awesome that I nearly forgot to breathe when  I was listening to it!!!!!

Converted and downloaded the electric organ version of "Lion" into my phone and it is now my text message alert tone~~ pweety~~ now I'm beginning to love my phone even more!!!! XDXD

Last topic of the day~~


Just so you know, I keep updating (ahem, which means CHANGING) my cosplay plans for Comic Fiesta 2010. So far, these are the characters I may be doing:

-day one shall be a Miku day for me!!!!-
=Miku Hatsune, Magnet version
=Miku Hatsune, school uniform version
=Miku Hatsune, casual version 1

=Miku Hatsune, casual version 2
=Hiroyuki Sayuta, OC for Fujoshi High School

Looks as if I have nothing else better to cosplay than just Miku for both days~ mwahahahahhhhh~

And next is the list for those who will be in the same group as me for each character I play.
These are some of the members that I managed to gather so far. The list will be updated again if I can find another few more members~ :D


# Vocaloid Magnet #
_Miku > Yukino (me)
_Mikuo > Hanatsu Haine
_Kaito > Kondou Daisuke @ Nixon
_Luka > Felicia Tjaninegara

 # Vocaloid School Uniform #
_Miku > Yukino (me)
_Mikuo > Hanatsu Haine

# Vocaloid Casual Version 1 & 2 #
_Miku > Yukino (me)
_Mikuo > Hanatsu Haine

There's another group, the Fujoshi High School group which is led by Molly Eberwein and Tsukino-kaichou. This one ler, I can't exactly list out all of the members who are in the group because...
And plus, I'm not the handler of the group~ :3
So I'm not sure what is the exact number of people involved so far.

Some interesting notes about those who will be together with me in the groups:
-Yes, Daisuke is the Hibari in C2AGE 2010.
-Felicia Tjandinegara is my friend that I've met on Facebook last year. She's an Indonesian who is currently living in Singapore. We met and became close friends after we found that we have the similar interest in KANAME*.
-Hanatsu is my CLASSMATE!!!!!
-Molly & Tsukino are Penangites and they are obviously the best crossplay pair in Malaysia that I've seen in my whole life~ LITERALLY~

Any updates in any of my cosplay plans or cosplay events (ESPECIALLY COMIC FIESTA~~) will be posted in another post next time~
Ohohohoho, coz I gotta go now~
lotsa stuff that I gotta do!!!!!

This is your Yaoi/cosplay/KHR/Vocaloid fanatic blogger, Yukino...



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