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Saturday, August 28, 2010

28 August 2010~

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> Teenage Dreams - Katy Perry
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> Doubt & Trust - Access ("D-Gray Man" OP)
> Lion -electric piano edition by Miko- ("Macross Frontier") 
> Love the Way You Lie - Eminem feat. Rihanna
> Airplanes - B.O.B feat. Hayley Williams

Hey ya, bloggie!! It's been another week!! And hey y'all loyal blog readers!!! ^w^
Haha, sorry for not updating my blog recently, thanks to my parents' restriction on my internet usage~ haha, well, I do go overboard nowadays since my usage for internet are... well, limited~ ahhh, I wanna bite someone!!!! @@

Today was yet another schooling day. And as I always say, better suffer now so that we can enjoy later. It's better for us to finish up all the replacement class now so that we can enjoy ourselves during the Hari Raya holidays. Yes, we got a freakin full two weeks holidays!!! Haha~
Dunno about the other schools, but my school's gonna give us a full two-week holiday in conjuction of Hari Raya!!! Yayy, that gives me a lot of time to do enough revision for my SPM trials~ :D

Hmm...there isn't anything much to update on this week though.
Feel pretty tired today coz I broke into serious tears and lost control of my temper in school. AGAIN. Well, don't ask me what happened. It was of my own silly misjudgement over a small incident which eventually made myself mad and cause increase of my blood pressure~ (hehe, I'm having a feeling that I might have a young-age high blood pressure disease... O.O|||) If you wanna know more on this morning's incident, well...I'd rather not tell you, coz well, as I said, it was just a small matter and it was my own fault for making it such a big deal.
 And oh, this is farby the first time ever that I've ever fought with Michi-chan. Coz yeah, never once did I fought with her, and heck, this one was because of an extremely small incident.

Well, the past is the past, time to forgive and forget. Plus, I can't be mad at my dear forever, right? ^^
Besides, both of our anger recided just before school ended today, so I guess there's no more problem~

Well, I gotta chase time as I wanna sleep at AT LEAST 2am tonite. So, now I'm off to catch up with my fanfictions so that I can finish it up soon and then I can concentrate on SPM 100%!!!
And after SPM, us SPM cosplayers candidates will step on cosplay FULL GEAR!!!
As always, wish me good luck for my SPM ya~
Love you all!!!

Well, I guess that's about it for tonight yea~

This is your cosplay/Kuroshitsuji/cosplay/yaoi fanatic blogger, Yukino


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