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Saturday, August 21, 2010

21 August 2010~

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Yo, whassup peeps!!! XD
Haha, been a pretty long time since I updated my main blog. Prolly it's because, as usual, nothing much to update on my daily life.

Things have been a lil shaky lately.
I tend to lose my temper easily and I get tired so easily as well.
I fall asleep as soon my head reaches the pillow and sometimes in class as well. Accidentally, of course.
I think it's because my body condition have changed lately due to all the pressure I've been having all this while. As you know, after the Hari Raya holidays (we got two friggin weeks of holidays~ whee....? XD) I will be sitting for my SPM trials exam.
It's a very big deal now. And it's like, one month away from now!!!!
Not one month~
Less than that, to be honest, if all the weekends were to be subtracted from this one month time span.
This trials exam means a lot to me.
And yes, as you all know, if I screw this exam up, I can kiss Comic Fiesta goodbye, like, literally.
why does life have to be this unfair?
When you hope for things to go right, they go wrong. And when you hope for the other way round, the opposite happens as well. When it happens, you just fall down and stay there.

Apparently, I've fallen down on my road, and I'm still not getting up yet.

(hopefully you can get what I mean here~ XD)

And I still stick to my point that the hardest occupation on Earth is no doubt -- student.

Ahaha, and I realise that lately, all I do is rant about all the negativities in my life. Seldom do I rant about the great stuffs in my life.
Well, I guess the only great times in my life would have to be cosplays, animes and songs~
Wow, life is cruel.
But all hope is not gone yet.
So pray for me and hope for the best for me so I can ace my trials exam and next, my SPM exams as well.

Off to update my fanfiction blog now~

This is your yaoi/KHR/cosplay fanatic blogger, Yukino~
SIGNING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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