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Monday, August 30, 2010

30 August 2010~: Happy 53rd Independence Day, Malaysia!!

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The clock strikes 12am, and Malaysia officially celebrates its 53rd year of Independence!!!
Yukino here would love to wish to all Malaysians a very Happy Independence Day!!!

*waves pompom*
*throws confetti everywhere*
*waves the Jalur Gemilang high up in the air*
*sings the patriotic songs out loud til the neighbours file lawsuits*
*cheer wildly*
*blows vuvuzela*
*play fireworks til I bomb my house -LOL-*

31 August brings back memories of the moment when Tunku Abdul Rahman first declared the independence of our country officially. All the blood and tears shed, the lives lost and obstacles we overcome were all worth to bring the ultimate independence to this multiracial country. Nothing was much sweeter than the moment when the Union Jack flag was replaced with the proud Jalur Gemilang. It was a downfall of 446 years before we managed to stand back up on our feets and fight for our freedom. In the end, all was worth. We are a free democratic country. We live together as one.

As one of the many young generations of this multiracial country, 17 years was enough to see a lot of changes that have occured in our country. There were many proud moments when Malaysia achieved something great. In fact, there was so many achievements, I don't even know what they are~ but you all know right?

As a concerned fellow citizen of Malaysia, here I stand to tell you one little good news and a major bad news.

So... most of you would definitely want bad news first right?
Well, me too. Coz I just have the urge to spill on the bad news first.

The major bad news.

This issue have always been part of our Malaysian norm since before. Despite countless attempts to try to unite the whole nation as one, this issue would always spark when it sides to only one race.

It's the same issue over and over again.


For a country with a multiracial community, of course, racism cannot be avoided. Everyone wants to be treated specially. Everyone wants their rights to be upholded. But what they didn't know is that all of the issues that they have sparked in order to protect their own races have directly insulted the other races. I mean, of course, who doesn't want to protect their own race? Some issues have been really serious that misunderstandings between races have happened. This has caused Malaysia to always be in an inbalance state.

As some of us know, the most current issue that have really sparked the fire of anger in everyone is the case of racism by the principal of SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, Kulai, Pn. Hajah Siti Inshah Mansor. I bet all of you who are in my friend list in Facebook would've read about it.
How did she spark racism?
Well, this is what she had said and done.
In the Patriotic month lauching ceremony of SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, she had metioned that all Chinese are useless in Malaysia and that they should all just go back to Bejing, China or Sekolah Foon Yew. She also added that the "tali sembahyang" (prayer strings) worn by the Indian students on their wrist and their neck make them look like dogs and only dogs would wear like that.
I seriously became mad when I read about this!!
Seriously, why would she say such a thing when she is in Malaysia? Although we know the fact that racism cannot be erased from our country, but this is just too much!!! What was the point of our nation's heroes to have sacrificed themselves for the sake of our independence when suddenly there is one person who "bravely" stood up to criticize the rights of the Indian and Chinese residents?? It was a day when everyone gathers together to commemorate on this historical day, and all of a sudden she came along and break the unity among us for God knows what. The 1Malaysian concept is useless for her, is it? So much for being a principal if she can't even teach the young generations to work together as one. Yeah, this way, her dreams of seeing the chinese and indians going back to their respective countries will come true. FYI, being united with the other races is what makes our country as what it is today. Screw you, heartless principal. If Malaysia falls into the era of war amongst the races again, we all know who caused it all.

It hurts to call myself as a Malaysian if such incidents still occur in Malaysia. What was the point of having Pendidikan Moral as one of our main subjects when even the principal herself can't follow any of the moral values stated in the list of moral values??
She's putting down the dignity of all Malays. How can the Malays face the world when there was one person who have caused their respect to have been destroyed?
I'm not trying to say that the rights of the Chinese and Indians are more than the Malays, what I'm trying to say is that this is Malaysia. The rights for all the races are equal!! When the adults spark racism over small issues and incidents, it will give a very big and negative impact on the younger generations. If they are being nurtured to the negative side, what would be of our nation in ther future? Do you think the Vision 2020 will be achieved with all this problems going on? If the adults are still going to persist on this, then the war between races would definitely happen again! As hard as we young generations try to unite with one another through various activities (and I'm talking about the ones that bring positive impacts~), the adults would just love to create chaos.

this is one of the disappointments of Malaysia that I can't stand.
If there's anyone who are still planning to do anything that invovles racism, then that person might as well just migrate to another country where there is only the race of their origin.
In short, for those who are anti-racism, all we could do is just stay true to who we are and just try our level best to continue to do what we have been doing until now, which is to protect and unite all races as always. Clearly we don't want any invasions to happen again, right?

Well...snow princess is off to watch Katekyo Hitman Reborn now~


This is your cosplay/KHR/Kuroshitsuji/yaoi fanatic blogger, Yukino~

SIGNING OUT!!!!!!!!!


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