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Sunday, September 5, 2010

05 September 2010~

Currently listening to:
> Shiver - GazettE ("Kuroshitsuji II" OP)
> Loop - Heidi. ("Kaichou wa Maid-sama!" ED)
> Bokutachi ni Aru Mono - Romi Paku ("The Law of Ueki" ED)
> Just Be Friends -music box version-

Gomen ne, couldn't update my blog last night due to some house hold problems~
Could've had the time, but unfortunately, I got caught up with something and it distracted me from updating my blog. I couldn't even think of any idea on how to continue chapter three of my fanfic!!!! @A@
So... memeningkan... *sighs~~~*

It's a friggin boring Sundayyyyyyyy~~ @@
Unlike the usual Sundays where my family and I would go out to shopping malls and more for a family day out, today was just another plain stay-at-home day. Could've been more fun if we were doing something together, but it seems... nah~ takde pun~~ Q.Q

So... all I could do today is to catch up on KHR which I have been left behind SO FAR!!!! By this week, KHR have already reached episode 201. And guess what: I'M STILL STUCK AT EPISODE 186!!!!! Argh~ this sucks man~ so no matter what, I'm gonna chase it like it's the last thing I'm gonna do!!!!!! XDXD

Well... suddenly I don't have the urge to write (more like type) about what happened last week after we came back to school after the Independence Day holiday... well, to make things short, our media room was robbed!!!! <(OAO)>
dunno which idiot was responsible for all of it~
But if I get to find out whoever was responsible for this act, I will KAMIKOROSU that person!!
No, seriously!!!!!!
A television was stolen, apparently.
But besides that, everything was fine. For now, all students were given restrction order. No one is allowed to enter the media room until further notice. Which means~~ I can forget about going into the media room and carry out any responsibilities as the secretary for this time bein g until everything is sorted out~ yayyy~ XD
(not being happy about it... just a figure of speech~ >w<)

Had a camwhore session last night~ ^o^/
Haha, I know I still suck at camwhoring, but just wanna post it up for fun~
Some of these are already posted up on my Facebook, so for those who have added me on Facebook, you can see more of 'em in my album entitled "All About My Life~"

So here I present to you a lil sneak preview of the album... or more like, a preview on the camwhore pics that I took last night and also a few from last week~ niahahahhhh~
(I somehow realize I'm feeling kinda narcissistic lately~ XD)

A sweet dedication to my beloved nation, Malaysia!!!
Happy 53rd Independence Day!!! <3

A random pic that I took after waking up from my afternoon nap~~ =w=
was still sleepy when I took this~ XD

^w^ Hyuuuuuu~~~ <3

Hi-5....? 8D

Tiger eyes~~ >:3

Serious look~ @.@
(phailed at trying to smize~ >.>|||)

Araaaa?? You looking for me? ^w^/

This is the "I miss my Dino~" look~~
Friggin innocent, eh? 8D

But it's okay~ Coz I know he loves me too!!! \(^o^)/
(I shine with happiness~ *w*)

Okay... enough camwhoring for now~ @@

Well~ I gotta be off to go watch and catch up with all the animes that I'm left behind at~ >o<

Til then~
this is your KHR/Kuroshitsuji/yaoi/cosplay fanatic blogger, Yukino,


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