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Saturday, September 25, 2010

25 September 2010~

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> Dear - Miku Hatsune (music box version)

Wheee!!!! you have no idea how much i miss my blog and also all my fellow blog readers!!!
how have all of you been doing?? 8D

As for me, well.... not so fine~~ @@
Coz.... my SPM trials are like.... next week!!!!
And I'm soooooo not prepared for it!!!!

Well.... I'm screwed.... for sure..... and imma die after the three weeks are over.... not because of pressure.... but because of the 100% assurance that I'm gonna be in deep shit when I get my results....
damn damn damnnn~~ @@

Hmm.... i do hope that I get at least a pass for every single subject... i've been working my ass off for all this while just to prepare myself for this death-defying exam.... yeah, the trials are WAYYYYY harder than the actual exam....
don't believe?
well, just take it for yourself and experience it~@@
it hasn't begin yet, but I'm already feeling the pressure.... THE INTENSE PRESSURE!!!!! >A<
hope i can handle the pressure.... T^T

25th September.....
you know what special event we have today?
That's rite~
it's the birthday of our dear DeVastella Sky boss...

Well, since she didn't want anyone to quite remember the day, so I'd like to just keep it simple~ ;)

Otanjoubi omedetto gozaimasu ne, Hanatsu~ ^w^

Well, since I'll be having my exams next week (or more like tomorrow), I won't be online for the next three weeks to come. (yeah, my exam is three weeks!!!!!!) Maybe occasionally, but I don't think I will..... >.>|||
Kononnya I'm under a restraining order and that I'm not allowed to use the computer until my exams are over~

anyways, you won't be hearing anything from me for the next three weeks, so if there's anything, here's what you can do~ XD
~for those who only know my blog (or read my blog often) drop me a message in my Cbox.
~for those who are in my friends list in my Facebook, just leave a post on my wall (guaranteed to be replied after three weeks~ XD)
~and for those who have my handphone number, just drop me a line or a text message~ ^^

Okay... time to bid farewell for three weeks....
damn, I'm gonna miss you all~ TTwTT
this is your KHR/cosplay/Kuroshitsuji/yaoi/fanfic fanatic blogger, Yukino...
SIGNING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!


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