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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Iratella's family history


Iratella is the icon of the Italiano Mafia world for having the ultimate courage to sacrifice her trust against her own older brother, Iratellio, to restore peace between Vongola, Catena and Varia. Iratella's  family has a magnificent line of history that make her one of the most respected mafia in the whole world.


The Mattatore Catena family is one of Italy's most powerful and influential mafia family. With a great history of over 400 years and nine powerful generations of Sky Bosses, this family's history becomes an important key to unlock a 400-year-old mystery for the one and only (actually two) surviving member of the family.

The founder of the Vongola family, Vongola Primo, Giotto, has a younger sister, Giella. Giella is a pure Italian beauty and there were many guys who chases after her. Her parents wishes for her to get married and settle down with the Duke of Florence, Raphele, whom Giella describes as "stuck-up, snobbish, spoilt big brat", which is all true. Despite being a handsome duke, Giella very much hates his total playboy attitude and she would always wonder why would any girl want to fall in love with him. (When compared, Raphele is like the more handsome version of Dr. Shamal...) The young 17-year-old beauty uses her brain to avoid Raphele at all times and of course, sometimes with the help of her loving brother Giotto.

Whenever questioned, Giella would never reveal who she has a crush on, until one day, Giotto himself found out that Giella was in love with one of his lower-levelled henchman, Vincent. Giotto of course supports his beloved younger sister, but their parents disapproved him and looked down on him. No matter what her parents said about him, Giella still loves him and trusts him whole-heartedly. Whenever she's with him, she senses a pure and strong power in him. Vincent was always the laughing stock of Giella's parents until one day during a battle between Vongola and a rival mafia family, Vincent saved Giella from the rival with a hidden element he's never shown to anyone before - Sky. Everyone was shocked when they've seen this, because another Sky guardian in the same family is impossible. Vincent didn't want to cause any trouble to the Vongola, so he willingly left the Vongola family, having to leave his beloved Giella behind. When Giella's parents saw how devastated Giella was after Vincent left, they decided to give Giella what she wants. But for Vincent to get Giella, he must first defeat Raphele, Sky Boss of the Guerra family. Vincent won easily because of his raw and powerful Sky flame. Raphele, who suffered humiliation and defeat for the first time, hid away from the public's eye forever. Vincent is then happily married to Giella and they started off their own family, using Vincent's surname, Mattatore Catena.

Soon enough, the Mattatore Catena family grew into one of the biggest families in the whole of Italy. Seeing Vincent's success in creating one of the most influential mafia family, Giotto offered Vincent to make the Mattatore Catena family one of Vongola's alliances. Vincent agrees. To seal the deal, Giotto gave Vincent a custom-made Vongola pocket watch as a symbol of Vongola's protection over Mattatore Catena. With the help of Giotto to guide him along the way, Vincent grew even more confident by each passing day. Soon, the Mattatore Catena family became the second most powerful mafia family in the world.

Generation by generation, the Mattatore Catena family was proudly ruled by nine magnificent Sky Bosses who at the same time are helping to take care of the Vongola family. The Vongola pocket watch was also passed down to each generation, keeping it as a symbol of protection from the Vongola family. After 400 years, the Vongola pocket watch is passed down to the hands of the 9th Mattatore Catena Sky Boss, Iraden.

Iraden is said to be the best ever Sky Boss that have ever ruled this blood-related-only-member mafia family. It was this time when the Varia started to be active and desires to take Vongola down. The Varia came to know about how much influence does the Mattatore Catena family had, so they decided to take them down as a shortcut towards taking down the Vongola family. They devised a plan that changed the face of this powerful family and the life of the young survivors once and for all.

On the night of the annual family gathering in the home of Iraden, everyone in the family was present. Just when the night seems to be like any other silent and peaceful night, a bomb was set of in 7 different strategic locations in the area of the castle. Many were killed by the bomb, but some of them survived. Iraden gave it his best shot to protect everyone that survived. But those who survived were masscarred in the mansion itself, including Iraden and his wife, Aritella. Before dying, Iraden handed over the Vongola pocket watch to his youngest daughter, Iratella, and asks his trusted Storm guardian, Simora,  to bring Iratella to safety. Iratella and Simora ran into the dark woods that surrounded the Mattatore Catena castle as the Vongolas came in to rescue any survivors, which seems impossible.

The glorious image of the Mattatore Catena family changed forever after the memorable incident. A massive funeral was held for all those who died in the massacre. Vongola 9th honored Vincent as a brave hero who sacrificed himself to protect his family. His heroic act is inherited by his daughter to take revenge on Varia and the person behind all these acts.

P.S: Will be edited if there's any change in the history line

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