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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The time of my life~! XD


Now that I have the DVD, it is easier for me to prepare for my Ranka Lee cosplay...^^

Comic Fiesta '09 cosplay plan:
~Ranka Lee (Macross Frontier)
-yellow dress with blue details + yellow scarf + boots + green colour hairspray
-partner: Azusa Megami (cosplaying as Sheryl Nome)
-practice singing and dance of Ranka's part for the song, "Lion" for the competition
-contact Azusa as much as possible so that can practice together

~Yuuki Cross (Vampire Knight)

-day class uniform (finish up Alexis's one or order online) + boots + brown hairspray
-partner: Haine Hanatsu (cosplaying as Sayori Wakaba)
-photoshoot in October or November as a preparation for Comic Fiesta '09
-contact Haine so that can confirm our time to hunt for materials together and set our time for
-won't go for competition for this character

Altogether, I think it'll turn out well...the dance for "Lion" is 100% done, just need time to practice it over and over to make it perfect. I'm looking forward to go for my first cosplay competition. I didn't know that my first cosplay competition will be in Malaysia's all-year rounder up event, which is Comic Fiesta. I'm excited and nervous at the same time (it's only four months from now, it's not far away, you know~) because, well, it's the biggest cosplay event this year! And also, a lot of my friends will be coming to Comic Fiesta this year~! I'm not worried about my Yuuki Cross, since I'm not using this character for competition...I'm only worried about my Ranka Lee. Not because of my costume, but because of my "Lion" performance. I've been very used to singing Sheryl's part and not Ranka's part...T^T...so now, I have to work hard on Ranka's part so that I won't mess up. And oh, still have to prepare a skit so that it doesn't end up just singing and dancing later when we go up on stage...T^T...

*wishes gambatte to myself and proceed to continue to watch "Macross Frontier"*

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