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Monday, August 31, 2009

Tomorrow is school again~! NOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~~~~

We're going back to school again tomorrow~!
So not fun at all......
Besides, I'm still in my quarantine period...sobs...
Oh, ya, I went to the BookFair @ KLCC for the past two days, which was Sunday and yesterday. On Sunday, I finally found the latest issue of CosMode magazine in Kinokuniya. But I didn't manage to buy it until yesterday. While my dad was busy shopping for books in KLCC, me and my elder sis went off to Kinokuniya to buy the CosMode magazine...costs RM79...T^T...waste of money, I know...but it was worth becuase it gives me inspirations, ideas and tips for cosplay, which is very handy for a newbie cosplayer like me.
I also got an inspiration to cosplay as Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid2) because I found out that it seems quite easy to cosplay as her. And also because she is very famous now. I also like the cosplayers who cosplayed as her in the magazine, especially the girl called Sagaya, because she looks really nice in Hatsune Miku's costume...so I think for next year (maybe Comic Fiesta or ACGC 2010, if I can go, that is...) I'll cosplay as Hatsune Miku. The outfit can be done myself. I can buy some cloths of the colors needed for the top, skirt, belt and handband. The stockings can be bought in i-Socks. I'll order the wig from Japan (I have a couple of good websites and friends who can help me) and pay it to them.
My Ranka Lee and Yuuki Cross is going well...just need the year-end holidays time to get it done.
Haizz....gotta finish my homework for tomorrow...I wish i can fall sick tomorrow, so I have an excuse to go back earlier...haharxz...LOL...I'm becoming a bad girl...but that's beacuse i still don't have enough rest during the holidays...haizz...
*thinking of cosplay events...haharxz...I wanna go enjoy myself to the max during CF this year~XD*

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