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Friday, September 18, 2009

Tiring day yesterday~

Yesterday's DeVastella family outing was kinda of a failure....T^T
All because Sky Ace (Haine) couldn't come along with us when actually she's the most important person in our family~~~ *sobs*
We still had fun anyway~~
Basically, we started off our day in Times Square...Nicole, Michiru, Sakurai & me reached first as we waited for Kaede to reach. Kaede decided to come by herself as she had something to do earlier while the rest of us went there by Nicole's parents' car. We met up with Kaede in Borders half an hour after we reached there. Then, we went off to eat at McD's, while we talked a lot about the Cosmo's Theme Park...about all the things that they have there, about the Ghost House which is the latest attration (and all of us just kinda freaked out after we saw the ad of the Ghost House outside the ticket counter later on...).
After eating, we started our "journey" around Times Square entering almost every clothing store to find a black coat for all of us (DeVastella guardians). But in the end, all we got was just...eh...either too expensive...not the colour we wanted...not the style we wanted...nice price, bad quality...haizz....so bad...so in the end, the best coat we've seen is...well...Kaede's coat...it is the best and nicest coat that we've seen...so I think we have to continue to find the coat for ALL of us (there's 6 of us...minus Kaede's one, we still have to look for five more...) After we get to find coats for all five for us, then we'll start to look for accessories, black ties, white blouses, wigs (most of us have out-of-the-colour-scheme hairs for our characters), contact lenses and posing practise. Haha...so maybe our cosplay plans for events will be successful only next year...^^
So...back to about my character trivia...my character's name is Iratella de Albergo Catena and her family is the only mafia family in the whole world whose members are all blood-related family members. The whole name brings the meaning "Iratella of the Star Snow". The meaning of their family name means very much exactly like their nature. Albergo ("star") stands for the position of their family where they stand in the eye of the mafia world as a shining star for their fame as the most powerful and influential mafia family in Italy. Catena ("snow") stands for the pure and flawless beauty features and looks of all the members and also the flawless, merciless and accurate killing of all the hitmans from their family. Iratella and all her family members starting from the first generations all the way to her generation (the new generations) have all of the traits that everyone describes them. But Iratella lost her whole family after the Varias launched an ambush on her family during their annual family gathering.
Huhu...her WHOLE family history is quite long...400 YEARS~! So if you wanna know more about my family traits and Iratella's history, trivia, personality, abilities, box weapon and more, I'll post it here soon, maybe in this few days time since it's holidays now.
Watching Video Music Awards '09 now...watched the part where Kanye West insulted Taylor Swift...now I totally HATE KANYE WEST~!!!
But Taylor Swift made a superb comeback when she made her debut in VMA '09 as she went around NYC for her performance. I think it was WAY MORE AWESOME than Lady Gaga's performance (which I think Lady Gaga's performance was WAY over the top...*bleekkkk...hate her...*

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