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Thursday, September 17, 2009

One long week of no internet is torchering enough~

YAY~!!! Another week of holiday for me to rest~!

After a long torchering week without going online, I finally get to go online~!

I'm now updating lots of stuff online, especially my facebook and of course my blog...haharxz~

For these few days that I've not been online, me and my friends, Hanatsu, Kaede, Michiru & Akiko has been planning on our very own mafia family, thanks to all of our craziness for Katekyo Hitman Reborn, starting from Kaede...XD

Our mafia family is known as DeVastella family, a unique Italian family full of conflict in and out, members made up of many different families who have special histories of their own. We had an idea to make our own family after Haine started this trend in our class. We even started our own thread in the KHR Dying Will online roleplay page.

Below is the list of the family's Six Official Guardians who are in our class:

1. Haine: Sky Ace, Hanatsu & Hanatasia
2. Yukino: Thunder guardian, Iratella Albergo Catena @ Namiko Yukihoshi
3. Michiru: Mist guardian, Michiru
4. Kaede: Storm guardian, Lucia (forgot her full name) @ Kaede Koshima
5. Lya: Sun guardian, Akiko Yurika
Each guardian are chosen to be the guardians of each of the elements based on our personalities that we've set for ourselves. Like Haine, she is a good leader and she also bullies her guardians...a lot...and she had also been the one who started this thread, so she can be the heir twins, Hanatsu & Hanatasia. As for me, I was chosen to become the Thunder guardian because of my cheerful personality but aggresive fighting. Michiru was chosen to become the Mist guardian because of her mysterious and cold personality (doesn't matter if it was in virtual life or real life, her personality is just the same...always the "don't care" type....XD). Kaede was chosen to become the Storm guardian because like the storm, her mood changes quickly like the storm as well. Lya was chosen to become the Sun guardian because of her bright personality.
I'll leave the story of my family tomorrow...
Oyasumi minna-san...
Below are my two most favourite pics that we took~

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