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Sunday, July 5, 2009


'allDaiCon is this Saturday~!!!!

I can't believe it!!!!

My friends & I are all looking forward to this day for like, forever!!!

We've been planning to go to DaiCon since March...

All of our cosplay friends (except for a few who are facing SPM this year like Cheryl & Elaine) are gonna attend the DaiCon...

I'm still not sure whether to cosplay on that day or not...I'll be really happy if yes~!

DaiCon 2009 is one of the biggest cosplay event ever to be held in Malaysia, next to the Comic Fiesta which is always the all-year round-up cosplay event. Organized by the EMINA club of Multimedia University Cyberjaya campus, this is the first ever one of a kind cosplay event which combines all the Japanese modern visual subcultures like cosplay, anime, J-pop, J-rock, manga, games & J-fashion. There's also gonna be a good number of figurine & merchandise booths on that day.

For all Johnny's Entertainment artists' fans, good news!! The committee will be opening the "Johnny's Section" where all Johnny's artists fanatics can gather to share your love towards your favourite Johnny's artists while music videos, concerts & interview clips of your favourite Johnny's artists play. There's also gonna be booths selling all the merchandises of all the Johnny's artists, so to all Johnny's lovers, prepare enough money to spend on all of your favourite artists merchandises!

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