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Sunday, April 7, 2013

07 April 2013: Miracles May (cover by me)

Current mood: So stressed out I wanna cry. ;___;

Music Playlist:
 = Miracles May - Kanoko Ito [Violin version] (OST "Sweet Pool")

Ohai, people! :D
For those who are in my FB friends list and following me on Twitter, you do know that I'm currently having a bad case of cough and runny nose as well as my final exams. ;w;

HOWEVER, in midst of finals, I found the violin version of "Sweet Pool" 's "Miracles May", so right after my first paper, I went back home, and voila! A new video~ XD (lolwhutisdisIdonteven)

Hope you enjoy it~ :D


Video description: 
Hello, lovelies! :)
It is actually the week of my final exams right now, but I decided to take some time off because I really really wanted to record the cover for this song.

This song is called "Miracles May", originally sung by Kanoko Ito for the BL game by Nitro+Chiral, "Sweet Pool". The lyrics of the song touches my heart whenever I listen to it, and for some reason, I can't help but crying whenever I listen to it :___;
I had a strong urge to sing this song so badly right after I found the violin version of the song (in which I've used it to cover this song), and I've always wanted to sing this song since I first listened to it, like, 3 years back. Now that I've got the chance, I've got no regrets! :)

Just so you know, I'm currently having a bad case of sore throat and runny nose. ;___; and I sang this song while having all these illness. Guess I overworked myself on studies. OTL

Another reason why I've thought of making a song cover for this is because I'm attempting to launch the "Sweet Pool" game I've downloaded months ago. Until today, I have no clue how to launch it. ;__; I've seek help from a lot of my friends, but none of their advise helped me much. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please do comment below!! Much help is appreciated, thank you! :D

Enjoy my cover!! :)

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Picture at the end is from my Miku Hatsune Secret Police official photoshoot from Comic Fiesta 2011. Thanks to Jeremy Yeo, my photographer, for the awesome photo! :D visit my WorldCosplay account for more of my cosplay pictures! :)

Copyright notice: I do not own any songs that were used in this video! All songs belong rightfully to their producers and artists.
Now, back to doing revision for my finals.




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