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Monday, April 1, 2013

01 Apr 2013: Hatsune Miku makeup by me

Current mood: Kinda groggy ;___;

Music Playlist:
= Electro Saturator - Miku Hatsune
= Torinoko City - Miku Hatsune
= Time Machine - Miku Hatsune
= Nisoku Hokou - Miku Hatsune
= Yellow - Miku Hatsune


Hello, people!! :D

I was thinking of updating something special related to C2AGE today, which are the hints for the special project under me. ;w; but since today is April Fools Day...I'd rather not update on that yet because I'm worried some of you might not believe it ;A;

I hereby tell you that the hints are VALID and the special project is really commencing ;A; I'll update about it in the next post though...which...I'm not sure when OTL.
You'll know when I do. XD


So just a short update for today. :)

For those of you who've subscribed to my Youtube channel, you should've watched the video that I've uploaded on how I did my makeup for my Miku cosplay. XD
If you didn't, here it is for you guys! :3

I've also uploaded two song covers last night, so you can go check it out too if you like :D

I'm gonna be rather busy this week and next week...and for the many weeks to come until after C2AGE 2013. ;___;
Nevertheless, I'll try my very best to keep you guys updated on my current progress and everyday life :D

Gotta go now, have to prepare for my biggest presentation coming up on Wednesday ;A;




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