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Monday, March 18, 2013

18 Mar 2013: MAY'N at Animax Carnival Malaysia 2013

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= Northern Cross - May'n
= Obelisk - May'n
= Diamond Crevasse - May'n


Ohai, peeps! :D

I actually planned to put up this post last night, but I didn't managed to do that because I was so sleepy and I had other work to do as well. ;w; but here it is nevertheless. XD

Okay, so as mentioned in the previous post, this post is dedicated specially to Japan's darling anisong diva, May'n!!!
I fell in love with her voice ever since I listened to her songs for Macross Frontier (I actually listened to them wayyyyy before I began watching Macross Frontier) and now, I just love her even more with every of her song released. 

It had been such an honor to be able to watch her perform live in front of my very eyes!! ;w; moreover, I had a very memorable experience regarding this that I will show you guys in a bit!! :D

So let's move on to pictures, shall we? :3

Credits will be stated if picture is taken from another source. XD
So, upon entering the Carnival area (at about 12.20pm I think?) I decided to stay near the stage where May'n was to be performing. I stayed there for the next half an hour plus for the sake of watching her live and also to make my ultimate dream come true. ;v;

The picture shown on the screen while waiting for May'n to come on stage :D


All of May'n's fans watching from the floors above. :D


At 1pm sharp, May'n appeared on stage and began her electrifying performance! I just HAD to record it because after she's gone back to Japan, this will be my one and only thing that will remind me of the great time I had, watching my favorite Japanese singer singing on the stage in front of my very eyes. ;w;

Here's the video of her performance and interview that I recorded. :)

(video description highlight)
In case you were wondering why I stopped recording halfway, it was because I was given the chance to answer a question asked by May'n herself (yea, the emcee was actually referring "the first girl in the front" as me), and I walked away as the winner!!! QuQ

The sound also sounded not quite good because where I stood was just beside the speakers.

May'n has always been a great musical inspiration to me. To be able to meet her under such a circumstance, I feel honored and blessed. ;w;

So here are the four lucky winners standing together with the lovely May'n! :D
I feel so happy because I got to stand beside her and I'm the only girl ;w;

(Pic credits: Animax Asia)

Lol, in this pic, I look like I'm saying: "NOH! This prize ish MINE!! >3"


(pic credits: Alan Chin Weng Lon)

The view from the second floor, on the screen, you can see the happy faces of these four lucky fans ;w;
Including me of course ;w;

(Pic credits: Hanatsu)

May'n giving peace sign, so adorable!!! QUQ

(Pic credit: Hanatsu)

My face being focused on the screen by the camera. My eyes looks like they're closed here, but I'm actually looking down at one of the cameras. Didn't know where to look, so many cameras @@

(Pic credits: Hanatsu)

After I got down from the stage, I ran all the way to the second floor to look for Hanatsu and Michiru. I hugged them tight and nearly started crying QuQ
Then Hanatsu took this pic :D
Shiawase fan of May'n~ ;w;

(Pic credit: Hanatsu)

From here on, I'll share with you the contents of the prize given by May'n! :)
Before that, I shall tell you the experience of how I felt before and after winning the prize. 

The question that I answered to was: "May'n was the singing voice to which character in the anime series, 'Macross Frontier'?"
You guys should already know that I'm a BIG FAN of "Macross Frontier", so it is technically impossible for me not to know the name of the character. I was literally racing to raise my hands to answer the question, and I guess I was lucky coz I was already desperately raising my hands before May'n even finished asking her question, and also because the emcee picked from the side where I was standing. (not sure how fast I raised my hand, but...well...yea |D)
When the emcee told me to answer the question, I literally screamed "SHERYL NOME!!!! 8D" and May'n actually laughed XD (I don't know because she was happy or because she thinks I was silly...;w;)

While waiting for the rest of the questions to be answered by other lucky winners, I was standing at the side of the stage there, smiling broadly to myself like an idiot (YES, like an idiot). -w-

As what was described by the emcee, these prizes were brought in from Japan by May'n herself as a special gift for the lucky ones here in Malaysia. These items are the merchandises from May'n's special concert, "Mic-a-Mania Concert 2013" on 2 March 2013 in Budokan. What made these prizes even more worth while was that these merchandises were only available during the concert itself!!! QuQ
When I heard him describing that, I was like "OH MY GOSH, ARE YOU FOR REAL????" and I nearly burst into tears on stage. I can never forget the moment I stepped on the stage and shook hands with May'n as she gave the prizes to me. ;w; 
Presenting to you....

The biggest loot from an event in my entire 20 years of life. (and for many more years to come unless I get another bigger loot from another of my favorite singer/cosplayer/actor/mangaka/seiyuu/etc.)

the merchandise that was brought in by May'n was:
- A special edition muffler towel with the graphics of her concert's logo 
(price: 2000 yen -approx RM66)

- special edition pamphlet (I'd rather call it a photo book because it has so many pretty photos of her in it) with her autograph in the inner cover page 
(price: 2800 yen -approx RM93)

and I got all these for free.



This is how the muffler towel looks like. 
"May'n Special Concert 2013: Mic-a-Mania Live in Budokan"

Pink and purple = PRETTY :D

and this is the front cover of the photo book.
I riek the concept. Mic-a-Mania XD

And this is her autograph!!!! :)
I love you too, May'n!!
Malaysia loves you!!!!! :'D

Preview of one of her outdoor photoshoots. :)
I like the jacket she's wearing :D


There were other stuff included in this photo book as well, such as her discography over the years and details about her concert. :)

At the end of the photo book, there was a page that was glued and needs to be opened carefully to view the contents inside.
This was what is on the inside of the glued page. :)
It is a special message to all her fans, written by herself! :D (of course it is printed, but you can see that it is her handwriting XD)


I've missed out on my first chance to meet her during her concert tour here in Malaysia back in 2010. I was supposed to get the tickets to her concert, but the money I had was used to buy my Miku wig. ;w; sacrifices had to be made no matter what, and I cried after I've made the hard decision. I regretted real bad after that, but I prayed real hard that I'll be able to see her one day live in front of my eyes. 

Then came 2013.

When Animax Asia officially announced the details of the Carnival earlier this year, I was excited to know that May'n will be the special guest. I decided that this will be my biggest chance and I cannot afford to lose it, even if it means sacrificing my time. 
In the end, it was all worth it as I wasn't just able to watch her perform live, but I also got the chance to go on stage, shook her hands, receive a special prize from her after answering the question correctly and took a photo with her. ;w;

May'n had always been my idol ever since I got to know her from Macross Frontier, and she will forever be my idol for the years to come. For as long as she sings. :)


AAAAAAANNNDDD that concludes my experience of meeting May'n in Animax Carnival Malaysia 2013. Possibly the best experience I've had in my whole entire life. Though standing next to her and shaking her hand happened real quickly, but they are all something that I can never forget for my entire life. 

My word of advice that I'd love to share to everyone:
If you admire someone very much and you have lost the chance to meet them the first time, never lose hope. For as long as you believe that you will meet them one day, you WILL meet them as long as you never stop trying. :D

Okay, so time to go back to reality and focus on my priorities. 

I'll try my very best to update you guys on other events or occasions as well as my life, as frequently as I can, ya?
Thank you so much!!!!!



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