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Friday, March 15, 2013

15 Mar 2013: Sleepless Nights Ahead

Current mood: I'm having quite a mixed feeling in me right now, these days. :/

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Just to keep me happy :)


Hey guys!! I'm really really sorry for not being able to update you guys on my current life as frequently as I used to before this. I underestimated the amount of time that I have in my hand all this while. Turns out I was completely wrong, and I barely have any time for myself anymore. I mean, I can't even have enough sleep every single night, and that's only part of my worry. I'm pretty sure if you're following me on my Twitter, you'd be able to see my daily rantings (like, honestly, EVERY SINGLE DAY). I have so many things to settle up on. 

The main concern about my life right now is definitely the C2AGE stuff. We have majority of the stuff ready and we are preparing to launch our official website soon. I know how some people are impatient about the announcement for some stuff, but really, we need some time too. Some of us are not free all the time. We are students too, and we have other things like  to handle as well. I hope that you guys can bear with me for the moment as we try to finish up everything as soon as possible.
I know, I don't want to disappoint you guys at all, but we just need a little bit more time, that's all.

Oh, Animax Carnival 2013 will be held tomorrow at Sunway Pyramid. I'll be going there only tomorrow for fun and also for some work.
I hope I can meet up with you guys there :D

That's it for this time's update.

I really really hope I can update you guys more often on my activities here on my blog.
I really do. ;___;

So maybe for the mean time whenever my blog is yet to be updated, you can follow me on Twitter, @YukinoHayasaka.

Gotta go off to prepare for tomorrow now.


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