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Sunday, January 20, 2013

20 Jan 2013: Working x Hanging Out

Current mood: Not really good. Currently having flu and sore throat ;w;

Song Playlist:
> Universal Bunny - May'n
> Hoshi Kira - Megumi Nakajima
> Take My Chance - DOLL$BOXX
> Time For Miracles - Adam Lambert
> KINGS - angela


Good day, my fellow readers!! :D
I had been rather busy this week (as I predicted, ERRMAHHGERRDD~), finishing up reports and all, running errands for C2age, doing revision (which...I didn't really do coz I'm stuck with doing something else QuQ)  and of course, house chores too. Yayyyy (sarcasm at its finest hehe ;w;)

I had to take some time off to relax. I didn't really have a good sleep for the past week. I had to stay up every night to deal with tons of management work, assignments, research...all of it took up my sleep time. I can't do them at any other time because I'm also busy with other stuff ;____;

So, here I am, blogging right now to relax my mind a little before resuming on that one last report that is due tomorrow (which most probably I'll only be finishing up by tomorrow itself OTL)

Over the weekend, I didn't really had an interesting time. But I did had a time out for myself as I went on a work + outing trip with my fellow C2AGE Event Department members. We, of course, did our work too, but once we finished our work, well....


I had a class replacement for Chemistry last Saturday, so MEEEHHHH had to endure 2 hours before I could break free and claim my freedom. XDD

Though the lab session was fun, actually XDD

Looks pretty interesting, no? XD

After class ended, I met up with Sabby and Yee Mun, then we headed out to Lowyat for some sponsorship dealing and all. 
After we're done with all them shit, we had our lunch at Sushi Zanmai!! :D
Yea, I was poor demmit, but I wanted to eat there so badly, so....;w;

So many delicious sushi on the conveyor belt~ =Q=

Moar sushi |D

Bad group selca pic skill is bad~ |D
I look like an idiot, WHAT DO

LOOLLLLL Sabby's puffeh cheeks XD

Le pwetty sushi =Q=

The foreveralone.jpg selca.....;w;

YOSHHHHHH this was my lunch: Salmon don!!!!!
I love fresh salmon wwwwwwww

This was the amount of plated sushis that we grabbed from the conveyor belt. It was my idea to arrange them this way 8D

Yee Mun's LOONNGGG face XDD

Yee Mun: I want to go to toilet~~~ ;____;
Oscar: -poker face-


Sabby: *pokes sushi* -w-

Then we headed for Chatime for a quick drink :3
Honestly, their drinks are not bad. And they're pretty cheap.

My roasted milk tea :DD

Yee Mun and Sabby drinking their tea like a sir~ OuO

the LOL couple (idk, I just tend to laugh whenever I see them XDD)

After a whole day of spinning around Lowyat and Times Square...
I fell sick. ;w;

Mainly due to the fact that during this outing, I didn't drink enough water. SEE??? IT HAPPENS!!!! QAQ

Well, so for now, I'm always spamming myself with water so that I can at least recover a bit more faster. I can't work well with my condition like this. ;____;

Lesson for the week learnt: No matter what, always have enough water with you. (time to bring two big bottles of water wherever I go from tomorrow onwards~ 8D)


Anyhows, that concludes the summary of my weekend. (today, all I did was stare at my report and not knowing what to do ;____;)

Well, time to get busy now. 

Actually, time for me to go to sleep, but it's the same thing XDD



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