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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

02 Jan 2013: New Year, New Wishes

Current mood: neutral at the moment. Going to do a bit of spring cleaning to my room today >3<

Current playlist:
>Merrily High Go Round - DOLL$BOXX 
>Loud Twin Stars - DOLL$BOXX
>BLUE - BigBang
> Bad Apple! - nomico


Hello, my lovely readers~ <3 p="p">

I'm really really sorry if I haven't updated my blog in such a long time ><
I know it's been two months, but it was during these two months that I was really really busy with college and final exams...and Comic Fiesta....and work. 


I was THAT busy.

 I know that there are some people who were busier than me, but well...I'm doing all of these at one go. I get less than 3 hours of sleep every single day, UP until today. Even during my semester break (which was in December til...today actually |D) I couldn't get enough sleep because I was working and also working on my C2AGE stuff as well.

Ahh well. >_____>

BUT let's not talk about that for now.

2012 had been a real emotional roller coaster ride. Tons of happy times, sad times, frustrating times....in a nutshell, a whole lot of events occurred. 

Historical ones.

Emotional ones.

Overwhelming ones. 

Happy ones.


Here's a list of my best memories of 2012. ^^ (not going to talk about the worst memories, coz, well...they are not worth remembering anyways :3)

[My best memories of 2012]

- BigBang's concert in Malaysia
my first ever concert, and it is the biggest concert I've been to~ >3<

-Comic Fiesta 2012
seriously, it was EPIC. If I said the same thing two years ago, this time it was just...I don't know, I became speechless the very moment I stepped into the hall. There were so many people...loads of fun activities and all. I met a lot of old friends, rejoicing when I see them, and also meeting up with tons of new friends. :)
camwhoring with Sabby :3
I was cosplaying as Yuuki Cross and she was cosplaying as Yuki Onna~


camwhoar with Julia :3
I cosplayed as Miku Camellia (day 2)

The photo of Sabby and I taken at the KDU booth :3

Camwhoar with my pwetty Fujoshi HS uke, Hinata~ <3 p="p">
Me and my pwetty dear imouto, Mae Ryn, with her cosplaying as Madotsuki :)

Photo credits: Mae Ryn :3

-One year anniversary of working in Starbucks!! 
Seriously though. I never expected myself to continue working with them until now. :D There was at one point where I nearly wanted to give up working because it was just so tiring, but I managed to pull myself together. Now here I am, working for over one year now, with September 19, 2012 marking my one year anniversary of being a Starbucks partner ;w; <3 p="p">

(picture credits: Shakilla, one of my co-worker :D)

-Alodia & Ashley Gosiengfiao replied to my invitation e-mail!!!! XD 
Yeap, it's true. :D they cleared out their schedule for the sake of attending one of the events coming up this year. More to come soon on this topic. It's still a secret project ~XDD

-First honored visitor to be given a special tour in the new Gempak office & meeting with their comic artists, Kaoru & Keith <3 b="b">
Yeap, you got that right. :D They renovated their office and upgraded them with tons of new stuff >3< during our visit to their office to meet Kaoru & Keith (for the same purpose as Alodia and Ashley ;D) we were given a special tour to their new gallery room. According to them, we are the first people to enter the gallery room. Sabby and I felt so honored~ >3<

-Anime Festival Asia: Malaysia 2012 :D <3 b="b" nbsp="nbsp">
 This was one heck of an event as well. And the best part? I GOT REALLY CLOSE TO KANAME WHILE WAITING IN LINE TO ENTER THE BUTLER CAFE DAMMIT~!!!! 8D

And tons more memories!!! :D

Seriously, it's just impossible for me to list everything down because there is just plenty of them :)

I have yet to prepare a full set of 2013 Resolutions at the moment coz I'm still not sure what to expect for this year ><
But for the main wishes, it'll definitely have to be happiness, health and the will to complete everything perfectly. :)

Cosplays? DEFINITELY MORE BETTER. I want to improve my skills in cosplaying this year, and yea, I want to do my best in everything that I do :D

I want to thank every one of you, no matter who you are that had been a part of any of these, for making them happen, for making 2012 a very special year for me. Do continue to be a special part of my life, because I'll be needing a lot of support from everyone this year. A lot of challenges awaits for me, and everyone else. ><

I do hope I get to update my blog a little bit more frequently this year, so that I can pretty much update you guys more. 

Once again, thank you very much for all of your supports,
Happy New Year 2013!!! <3 p="p">


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