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Sunday, January 6, 2013

06 Jan 2013: First week of class

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Hello, minna-san :D

I'm thinking of taking a couple of minutes off every week (Sunday mostly) to do a summary on my week for every week starting this year IF I can manage to get some time. :>
This way, at least I can update all readers on my daily life all summarized into a week. :D
I'll try to do it every week, even if it's just a short update. This way, at least I can update my life to you guys (and also to remind myself on the memories I had for this coming year~ ^^)
I plan to do this to repay for all the busy times from last year which caused me to not be able to update my blog. ;____; (forgive my bad English, the holidays made me stupid OTL)


So, the new semester for me had just started last Thursday. 
Second semester of my Foundation in Science course, yayyyy~ (epic sarcasm is epic)

We are required to enroll our subjects and groupings on the week before. Done the subject enrollment, but the groupings are not fully done yet orzzz (groupings = kinda like our timetable arrangement hurrrrrrr)
For this semester, I'm taking two core subjects (Advanced English & Critical Thinking Skills) and two electives (Chemistry I & Physics I) [yayyy for nerd Asian subjects~ 8D /slapped)
I got my groupings for all the subjects EXCEPT Critical Thinking Skills (CTS). D8
So practically, as for now, I don't have any classes for CTS because all the groupings for CTS clashes with the current groupings I have for my other 3 subjects.
Sounds easy to say "JUST PICK ANY OF IT". 

Here's the thing: None of any of the groupings for CTS actually fits into my current timetable. /dies
So, unless I can settle this shit as fast as I can, I will be in trouble for now ;A;
I plan to go to the Admin Office and request them to settle it for me, but I don't want them to shift my current arrangement of the timetable (partially because of Sabby~ ;3;).
But for now, I just hope nothing goes wrong. I don't want the same thing from last year to happen again TTATT


That's one of the least of my worries actually.

The second day of class, and all the deadline supposedly for some C2age tasks assigned from during the holidays were due. OH GOD torturing ;___;
Some of them were last-minute works, but well, good thing we made it.
And immediately, we are assigned with more tasks which are due next week.
Oh well, that's the harsh life of an event organizer.
We have been receiving lots of rather bad reviews from fellow ACG community friends on our current progress. ;___; As much as I'd love to satisfy their wants, I can't do so because the upper management seems to already have their minds set on their current decision. I'm pretty sure if we're going to plan on something to try to improve the situation, we're going to get sacked probably.
So, as for now, we can't take stupid risks or else the event will practically fail inside out.


Aside all of these craziness, it's only the first week of 2013, and I'm already meeting a couple of new friends :3
First one is Seki. Gaylord Seki. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHH
Idk if any of you remembered, but in my Comic Fiesta 2010 report post, I posted up a picture of me together with this really bishie Dino Cavallone.
Yeap, that's Seki XDD
It's been over 2 years since we last met, and now she's finally studying in the same university with me, but in a different course (she's taking A-levels :D)

Next is a girl called Yeen Harn. She's now part of the C2age committee under my department (Events Department). I feel so bad when she told me that I was in the same Intermediate English class in the previous semester, and I didn't know OTL
Gomenasai, Yeen Harn. I have a tendency of forgetting people that I've met but never talked to. 

/falcon punches self

And another one is Hika-chan!!! <3 div="div">
She is a previous C2age committee who came back to help us under our request although she's in her degree course now. (thank you very much, Hika-chan~ ;w; <3 div="div">

And of course, it's nice to meet with all them familiar faces again. :) 

I want to do better for this semester after a devastating fall from last semester (I have to retake two subjects from last semester because I failed it orzzzzz), so I must be more focused this year, and do my best to balance it out along with my cosplay, working & everyday life >3<

from left: Seki, Sabby, Yee Mun & derpy me |D
taken in the mamak shop nearby my campus during our yamcha session XDD

Well, that's pretty much it for this week. :D
I'll try to update my blog as frequently as I can for this year, so do expect an even more frequent update from me. I'll try to do it as much as I can. ^^

As for daily updates/rantings, you can follow me on my Twitter. Just type in "YukinoHayasaka" to look for me, yea? ^^


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