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Friday, July 19, 2013

19 July 2013: Of Confessions and Gratitude

Current mood: Actually moodless 8D coz I have some stuff to do and I am currently procrastinating /slapped

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= My Dearest - supercell


So, not sure if any of you saw the status or tweet about me wanting to post up this post last month...but yea, it was supposed to be last month, but I ended up procrastinating and...dealing with college stuff ;__;

BUT anyways, here it is. :)
Hey, readers! I'm sorry if I haven't updated anything for the past few months. May was the peak of the preparation time for my event, so I didn't really had time to update my blog and well...I kinda procrastinated as well. Apologies for that. ;__;

For this post, I'm dedicating several confessions as well as gratitude to several individuals who have given their help to me when I most need it. May and June were tough times for me. Due to excessive stress, I've had multiple nervous breakdowns as well as panic attacks. Without the help of the people that have helped me through the ordeal, I wouldn't have made it. In fact, I barely made it out safely through those tough moments, and if it wasn't for you guys, I would've fallen so deep that I would just give up on life already. Haha, it's stupid but it's true. ;w;

I will be mentioning names one by one, giving confessions about you as well as thanking you so much for your help. :)

So, here it goes!!



(left: Ashley, right: me)

Ashley dearr~ :3 I would definitely have to thank you FIRST. It was you who made your first move by sending me a private message when you saw that wall post of mine on her page. 
 You seemed like someone who is digging information for their own good (don't be mad, but that was what I really thought!!!! ;w;), but eventually, overnight, I got to know more about you, and got to know what kind of a person you really are. 
We relied on Facebook chat to communicate with each other a lot. Occasionally by texting and calling, but pretty rare. I am still amused by myself for when we finally got to meet each other face to face, the first thing I did was hugged you on impulse, as if we haven't met each other in years. XD
I would also love to thank you so much for giving me a lot of information about her, regarding what are her preferences, personality, experiences, what kind of a person she is basically. Because of all these information that you have given to me, I was able to prepare myself on what to expect during the event. (main point: everyone became human barricades hurrrr) Needless to say, although many things got out of hand, but it was still controllable in a way, thanks to the help from you guys. :D I could actually imagine how things would've been if you've never taken the initiative to send that particular private message, so I will forever thank you for that. *hugs*


+YUUIKI ユイ-キ+

(left: me, right: Yuuiki)

Harro harro, you pretty woman /slapped
Similar to Ashley, I would love to thank you for being such a big help for the three days before and after the event, and also for your help wayyyyyyyyy before the event :3
Ashley have always been talking to me about you, about how you are and all. I decided to add you, and I've never regretted that decision. We started off with small little awkward conversations which soon developed into more...crazier chats? XD we had loads of fun in Twitter apparently 8D 
Thank you so much for, same like Ashley, giving me some information about her. :D
But I guess for you, the biggest thanks I would love to give you is for being our translator for her when her formal translator couldn't make it to join us. You helped us a lot in helping us convey our message to her, and I am sorry if I've given you any trouble in any way during those times. ;w; you tried your level best to help in translating although your knowledge in the language isn't that excellent. However, I still respect you a lot for being able to make simple conversations with the knowledge of that language you have.
One of the other big thanks for you goes to your help in editing my photos for my new batch of coscards!! Chisa, Elliot and I agree that you are the master of Photoshop! /o/
You have been a great help in so many ways!! I apologize here if I have said or done anything that have hurt you in any way. >__<



(left: me, right: Viola)

I would have to apologize to you first because I didn't get to spend much time with you over that weekend ;__; I couldn't get to talk much with you, but you still made my day on several occasions. One most memorable occasions would have to be how you consoled me when I was crying so badly during that one ordeal. You hugged me anyway even when I really didn't want any hugs...but I guess the hug did made me feel better, so I thank you for that.
Your warm hospitality as well as your mom's are what keeps me motivated to continue in what I was doing, so thank you so much, you adorable little cutie :3



(left: Luxun, right: me)

Luxun you bishie :3
I would love to start of your part of the post by saying I MISSED YOU SO MUCHHHHH~ FINALLY GET TO PROPERLY TALK AND SPEND TIME WITH YOU AFTER SO LONG!!! Q___Q

...okay |D

Anyways, you have been a GREAT help throughout the weekend. You acted like our mom (which was annoying in a way, but it helped keep things in check) and looked out for all us. You even took the role as the PR for her. You helped us to arrange her movements around the venue, devised strategies in making sure her safety was assured, giving me so many useful advises that helped me get through the ordeal. 

Thank you so much for your many help~ *hugs*


+ROBIN ロビン+

(left: Robin, right: me)

I would really love to apologize to you for suddenly asking you to be a translator for her, but I had no other choices because she requested for a translator whose command in Japanese is good. 
I am sorry for taking out so much time from your busy weekend schedule. ;__;
But, yea, I would still thank you so much for being her translator. Your Japanese is god like!!! XD


+NAITO ナイト+

(left: Naito, right: me)

Knowing you for two years now, and this was the time that I got to properly spend time and talk to you!!! :D
You had been one hell of an awesome security personnel on both days!! :D 
You kept us all safe with your strict attitude, and also helped keep our tummy in check by bringing in food for us for breakfast!! Really, without your riceballs, we would've been dead before the event even started ><


+RIMA リマ+

(left: me, right: Rima)

I never knew that you had been in the same class with me in my 2nd semester~ ><;;;
But I am still really glad that you stayed and hold on until the event day itself. You did an amazing job to handle the volunteers. All my salutes goes to you!! :)
You knew you were smaller in size and less capable of protecting her wherever she went, but you insisted on helping us out, which actually strengthens the human barricade even more. 8D
We all went through sleepless nights together, and the result was worth it anyway~ >w<
So, in conclusion, you are awesome. 8D 
and you are my new sister heheheheh~ 


+CHISA チサ+

(left: me, right: Chisa)

You have no idea how grateful I am to you. I invited you to join me as the organizing team. Several times you've told me that you wanted to quit because you couldn't take the pressure anymore, but I wasn't ready to leave, so I insisted you so that you could stay with me and help me out until after everything is over~ ouo
You remained with me until the very end, for the sake of completing everything up, for the sake of finishing whatever I've started. You've tolerated so many stressful situations with me, and I guess you've gotten a hell load more scoldings that I did ><;;;
Thank you so much for being the shoulder for me to cry on during the several times I've had my nervous breakdown. 
And also thank you for being my gay hubby, you gay faggot |D


+ELLIOT エリオット+

(left: Elliot, right: me)

You are tottemo gay desu!! \(^O^)/
Same like Sabby, I dragged you into becoming a part of the team although you kept insisting that you didn't want to. In the end, when I handed over the job of recruiting volunteers, you did the job wonderfully and managed to handle that stress better than I could >< without your help, I guess there wouldn't be any volunteers ;w;
also thank you so much for giving me so much moral support (even though if it is through cussing, but hey, as long as it made me feel better, I suppose that's all that matters. 8D) and also comforting me through the many times I've broke down and cry in front of you guys.
You have sacrificed a lot of your time to come over and help us even though you weren't studying the same course as you, and for that, I thank you. :)


+HIKARU ヒカル+

(left: Hikaru, right: me)

Hika Hika~ *hearts*
You deserve one of the biggest thank you here as well!
I think it was a huge mistake for me to call you in to help us out again for this year. I had no other choice because I knew that you had formerly worked for this event as well the previous year, and since you had some experience, you may have some ways of helping us. Guess I was wrong.
Yes, you did help us, but instead of getting credits, you were being put down by them (yea, you know who are they, don't you? 8D) and ended up getting into trouble. I sincerely apologize for that. *bows*
But, I will have to say, if it wasn't for your help on the second day, we would've been dead. Regardless of that they have to say, I think you practically saved us all. You lent us your support and help which made a tremendous change in terms of security. 
I would like to personally thank you as well in contributing for your part in adding on icons and the information on my coscards. :3
I can never thank you enough for your help and contributions to the event. I will treat you to sirap bandung and maggi goreng after puasa is over. XD



(from left: me, Munny, Chisa)

You have sacrificed a lot of your time to help us out as a member of the team >< also your contribution before and during event was the biggest contribution that you've given to all of us. 
Thank you so much for helping us to get a hotel room that six of us stayed it. 8D 
Also, you sacrificed a lot of your time in helping to sort out the events going on in the main hall, and I can't thank you enough for that. I also apologize for any troubles that you've faced throughout the whole three days. ><;; I am really really thankful for having you as part of our team. Without you, the event in the main hall might've ended up even more chaotic. ;w;


Next up are the list of gratitude towards the special guests that graced the event. :)



(left: Alodia, right: me)

So, you guys remember the time when I updated something about how Alodia replied to one of my emails? So this is it!! Yes, Alodia graced the event as one of the special guests. :)
She is a very unique individual, so kind and charming. Her cosplays are UGHHHH AMAZING. The costumes that she wore on both days are stunning! So glad to be able to meet her in person!! She is also very down to Earth and quirky at the same time. I didn't get to spend much time with her over the course of three days, but for the short time I spent talking to her, I find her really really nice and fun to talk to! Moreover when I told her that I was half Pinoy, she was excited and started talking to me in Tagalog...and I was like...I don't really understand ^^;;. But either way, I thank you so much, Alodia, for coming to our event!! I hope to meet you again in the future, hopefully when I go to the Philippines again~ *hugs*



(left: Ashley, right: me)

Another awesome lady!! <3 p="">
Thank you so much for coming to Malaysia! I'm so glad to be able to invite you to come to Malaysia, as you told me that this was your first time here in Malaysia. :) 
I've always loved your cosplays along with your sister, you have beautiful features!
But I've always loved you more for your beautiful voice! When I got to know that you were doing a performance for the event, my friends and I went head over heels and enjoyed each and every bit of your performance. :D
Thank you for teaching me a couple of Tagalog words that I can use now!! XD Shall brush up on my Tagalog so that the next time I meet you I can communicate with you properly~ >u<
Once again, thank you for coming to Malaysiaaa~ *hugs*



(left: Ayase, right: me)

To be pretty honest, local cosplayer, Ayase had been an inspiration to me since the time I knew about cosplay. She was an icon back then, awing many people with her cosplay works. I found out that she was from the same high school as me too!! XD which is why I'm very happy to have known her :3
I've known her since 2009, and it was only this year, that I truly got the chance to talk to her and spend time with her. Things started off as a bit awkward at first since it's technically my first time talking to her, but she was the one who made things less awkward for us, and soon enough, it was a joy to talk to her :D
Thank you so much, Ayase!! I wish you happiness in your married life, and I can't wait to see your first child!! Another four months to go~ XD



(from left: Clive, Reika, Ayase, Ashley & Alodia)

I didn't manage to get any camwhore pics with Clive, so this is the best that I could get ;w; 

You, sir, are an awesome person! The amount of effort and dedication you put into making all your costumes are just --- ARGHHH I don't know what to say! I can't thank you enough for willingly coming to our event! You are humble, kind, fun, dedicated and passionate, and I can see that all from you since I met you for the very first time at the airport. XD
You are willing to share your knowledge in your Gundam costume making, and even though I didn't get to stay for your cosplay workshop due to hectic running all over the place, but I've caught glimpses, and I am awed. XD
Continue to awe us with all your awesome works!! XD and I look forward to meet you again one day soon~ :3


+REIKA 麗華+

(left: Reika, right: me)

(since I doubt she reads my blog anyways, so I'll just write everything in English haha XD)
Yeap, this is the picture that was widely circulated on Twitter after Reika posted this photo on her Twitter~ >u<
Getting Reika to attend the event was the biggest gamble I ever took. Luck was on my side, and I managed to win the gamble against another team who wanted to invite her as well!! :D
Reika became the highlight of the event after her attendance was officially announced, and with the responses received overnight, all those who were directly involved in the planning of her attendance stepped up our game into making sure that she is properly taken care of and at the same time she is given the chance to interact with all her fans. 
Getting to meet Reika and be the person to bring her to Malaysia for her very first time here is an honor. Reika is such an inspiring person, both in terms of cosplaying as well as a person that she is. Three days was more than enough to get to know her in a whole lot. Although true enough there is still alot of things that I don't know about her, but the three days that I've spent with her was more than enough to let me know what kind of a person she is. So kind, happy-go-lucky, passionate, dedicated. 
This post won't be enough for me to pour out all my feelings that I have for her (no, not THAT kind of feeling~ =3=), and I'll just have to say once again, thank you so much for coming to Malaysia!! 


This is to everyone who was directly or indirectly involved in our event in any  way that I cannot mention due to privacy issue and coz some of you that I can't remember your names ;w; 
Thank you so much for your help for making the event a success! (well, sort of ;w;)
My other team members, official photographers, sponsors, helpers, security members, EVERYONE OF YOU. Thank you so much. :D
I sincerely apologize for being a rather useless member of the team, bringing all sorts of trouble to all of you. But, I can't thank all of you guys enough for being so supportive and helping each other out of every trouble there is. I haven't been much of a good help, but thank you so much for this opportunity! I'm very glad to have been given the chance to be a member of the team, as it was through this whole ordeal, I managed to learn so many things about event organizing, how people can really be, and more about what I am capable of. If it wasn't for how you guys were, it would've been impossible for me to learn more about all these things. You know who you guys are, and I thank you so much for that. :)


To all those who have visited our event, I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart for not being able to live up to your expectations. ;__;
I have failed in so many aspects, thus making the event pretty much a disaster (trust me, it may seem that I'm having fun and all, but it was nothing close to that. )
I've disappointed so many of you, but there were also some of you who were very supportive, and I thank all of you for the support given. I know I've made so many mistakes. I know that I could have done better. I know I've neglected a lot of things.
I know a lot of what mistakes I did. Some people knew more than others on what happened behind the scenes (which I will never touch on in public posts), but it was through all these experiences that I got to learn more about myself and my capability of handling these kind of pressure.
So either way, thank you for taking your time to attend the event, even though it wasn't much of a success........... Q__Q
There won't be a next year for me since the team changes every year. I hope that the future team will learn from the mistakes I made and avoid repeating the same mistakes at all cost. 


Well, this ended up longer than expected. OuO
But yea, those are all the confessions and gratitude that I wish to give to everyone. <3 p="">

I guess there are too many words in there, so here are more pictures from that three days!!! :D


Fetching Alodia and Ashley from KLIA on day 0. XD
I'm loving Alodia's shoes as well as Ashley's new hair color :D

In the car together with Reika on the way to the hotel from KLIA. :D
photo taken by Yuuiki, and Chisa is being a creep behind Yuuiki |D

...I had no clue that she took this photo of me sleeping until Yuuiki told me about it, and everyone was telling me about it. I was like "WHAAAATTTT? I DID NOT SEE ANYTHING~" 
After that, I ventured to her fanpage right after reaching the hotel and saw the pic. 

I didn't know what to say ;w;
but thank you so much~ <3 p="">

photo was taken by Reika herself. :3

random derpness in the hotel. 8D
photo taken by Yuuiki. 

Dinner together on the night before the event day!! XD
photo taken using Yuuiki's phone 8D

Three crazy asses together with Reika. :3

Together with my new sister (LOL XD) and Reika :3

My first camwhore pic with Reika!! XD I just randomly requested to change seat with Yuuiki to take this pic. XD awkwardly asked her permission, thus the awkward smile /o/

we were walking while I took this pic. walking at a pretty fast pace at that. 8D
even the way we smiled was the same!! XD so she is now my new sister :D

I look so....derp lol. Never have I seen such a derp Kuroko in my entire life. ;w; (and I'm speaking about myself OTL)
Yuuiki is such a bishie Kamui ~ *glomps*
picture taken by Viola. 

A group photo, yahooo~ XD

Top row from left: Viola || Ashley as Takasugi (Gintama) || Yuuiki as Kamui (Gintama) || Reika as Ren Jinguji (Uta no Prince Sama!)  || Shati Kino, a volunteer for the event || Luxun as Kise Ryouta (Kuroko no Basuke)

Bottom row from left: me as Kuroko Tetsuya (Kuroko no Basuke) || Chisa as Akashi Seijuro (Kuroko no Basuke) || Rima as Rima Touya (Vampire Knight)

Photo taken by Viola's mom :)

random scene in the hall haha XD
everyone looks so derp 8D

a photo with my dear Naito~ :3

selca with the pwetty pwetty Yuuiki :3

The photo is dark, because the hall was dark and I didn't want to turn my flash on coz it apparently distorts the picture even more ;w; 
Reika and Clive striking poses for the camera before the opening ceremony commences XD

Taken just before the autograph session starts. :)
a picture together with the lovely Ashley Gosiengfiao :3

The photo is dark, but yea, it's Alodia.;w;

Pic with the lovely Reika as Ren~ :D 
her trademark pouty lips hurrrrrrr

I HAZ HAREM 8D //slapped
but so happy to be in between both the awesome Gosiengfiao sisters :3

Then everyone goes kwiyomi!! Except for Elliot |D
taken inside of Suria KLCC by.......I actually forgot whose phone is this. ;w; 

We are always trying our best to fit into selca pics. 8D
And it is always a wonder how we actually managed to fit everyone in. XD
photo taken by Yuuiki.

Peace to everyone!! :D
photo taken by Viola's mom using Elliot's phone.

Don't know whose phone is this, but thanks to Munny's awesome angle capturing skills, we managed to catch everyone in the frame!! :D

Perspective angle no.1:
the left pic was how we all look like to capture the pic on the right. XD

pic on the left taken by Viola's mom, pic on the right is by me. :)

Perspective angle no.2:
same thing. XD
it took the efforts as seen on the left to get the pic on the right. 8D

photo on the left taken by Viola, photo on the right by me. :)

A photo of me and the adorable Cassy!! She is cosplaying as Ranmao from Kuroshitsuji. 
She is also a member of the team :)

Le long time best friend and photographer for the event, Alan Chin! :D he got a lot of the awesome shots for the whole event :D

Still the best tag that anyone could ever get~ *thumbs up*

The row of special guests!! :D
from left: Clive Lee (SG), Reika (JP), Ayase (MY), Alodia (PH) and Ashley (PH)

Together with le helpful volunteer for both days, Shati Kino~
Thank you so much for your help on both days~ *hugs*

A selca of myself together with one of the top cosplay photographers in Malaysia, Alex!! He is the person behind A.R.C Photography and has done many awesome photoshoot for so many awesome cosplayers in Malaysia. An honor to meet you, Alex!! Hope to be able to work with you one day~ ^u^

Urhurrrrr get to meet with dearie Spacechan~ :D 
Spacechan is bishie as always hurrr *hugs*
...and I look awkward as always |D maybe it's coz of the lighting. CURSE YOU, LIGHTING!! D<

Taken just right after Reika's cosplay workshop. I have no clue what the heck was I doing at that time. /facewall

Photo taken by Alan Chin.

random moments from behind the scenes. 8D
Uhmmm....photo by Viola if not mistaken. XD

Reika's cosplay workshop in session  yahooo~ 

A little tutorial on how she created her 3-dimensional maneuver gear from Shingeki no Kyojin. 
Fun fact: every single thing she used for the gear was bought from Daiso. 


Close up shot on her 3dmg, woohoo~
it looks like it weighs a ton, but it is actually really really light. OuO

Awkward moments on stage haha XD
Pic taken by Viola's mom~ :3

Got pulled on to stage by Alodia and Reika to dance to Psy's "Gentleman" huehuehueee~

We have now concluded that being unglam is the new glam. 8D
*digs nose*
And this is such a YOLO moment, coz we took this as we were facing hundreds of other people in the hall heuhuehuehueheue

pic taken by Weiss Elisa using Yuuiki's phone. XD

A final group photo of all the team members plus special guests and contestants of the solo cosplay competition.

Pic taken by  Alan Chin.

Last but not least, the big photo. :D

Pic taken by Waninoko. :)


Well, this post became longer than I expected. 8D
But yea, whatever that I wanted to say has been mentioned in this post to everyone that needed to be thanked and apologized to.

Thank you for the opportunity given, and no, I don't wanna do the same thing again, because I'm not someone who can handle this much stress. TAT
But of course, if given the opportunity with the right guidance, I guess it's no harm in trying it again. >u<

All in all, I will have to say it was a great experience for me.

Time to move on with life and continue with whatever it is I've been doing all this while. XD

Oh, did I mention that I'm performing for AniManGaki this year? 8D as well as finally debuting my Sheryl Nome cosplay by Comic Fiesta? XD
More details on those next time, or you can keep yourself updated by following me on my Twitter and Facebook. XD
Until then, time for a nap and next blog post!!


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