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Monday, July 29, 2013

29 July 2013: Ownership Does Not Belong To You

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Hola XD
So this post will somewhat be a rage post.
Actually more of a reply towards a post that is so irrelevant it made me facepalm so many times.

So, for those who are from the local ACG community, I'm sure you guys know about the Cosplay Confession page, right?
Since the existence of that page, we were able to see so many dramas and confessions, of all types, that are posted in there. Because of the anonymous confessions, it was easy to target people and thus, it caused a lot of unnecessary tension between some people. Some people love the page's existence for it provided them with comical relief over the stupidity of some confessions and replies. If you were wondering, I feel neutral about the page. Sometimes the posts do make me feel mad and all, but the stupid posts entertain me well.

And also, since this is open to everyone, no one is safe from being flamed and what not.

That's the intro.

So one of the latest confession was about me (pretty obvious coz the person asterisked my name, but he/she left some vital alphabets with the asterisked spaces that fit my name oh-so-well. )

The confession was about how he/she used to like me very much as an awesome friend (exact quote from the confession post), then I started liking the same people or characters that he/she likes, which in turn annoys him/her.

This was my instant reaction after reading that post:

Like, really, WHAT?

So this shall be my reply to whoever it is that posted this dumb confession.

Certain people or characters that I like doesn't belong to you and you only, neither do they belong to me and myself only. They are loved by many others around the world, probably hundreds of thousands or a million others. This is why they have a fanbase. I'm pretty sure you are well aware that the more famous the person that you like = the more fans they have (and haters too, but let's not talk about that.) You can't expect yourself to be the one and only fan of that person, right? Is it wrong for other people to like the same thing as you do?

There are also a couple of people (the real ones especially) whom I've been a fan of since years ago but I haven't gotten a chance to share their works and such on my Facebook.
Is it also a sin for me to adapt to a new fandom? You have been through the same pace before, it's just a matter of time. You may have liked that particular person for a longer time than me and vice versa.

Why would you feel annoyed by that? Is it because you are afraid that I will snatch that certain person or people away from you?
You and I both know it's impossible for the both of us to own any of them. It's not like we could anyway. 

Point here is that, isn't this why we became friends?
Assuming that I know who you are (I haven't found out who was the one who posted that, but I'm sure it's someone who knows me pretty much), we talk to each other because we have the same interests and liking. We have the same hobby and fandom, and we spazz over the same shit. 

This is why we get along with each other so well: we have something in common to talk about.

Why the hell would we be friends if we had nothing in common to talk about?
Not saying that people without the same interests cannot be friends with one another, but I'm emphasizing on this fact, because this person is from the ACG community.

If you consider me as an "awesome friend", you wouldn't even say this.

You should remember that it was because of the same fandom that we have, we became friends. 
If you dislike someone for liking the same people or characters that you do, what's the point of becoming friends with them, right?

You don't see me complain about people who likes the same thing as me. In fact, the more common stuff that someone has with me, the more I get along well with that person. 

So really, that confession was downright...stupid, to say the least.

To the confessor: if you read this, please pm me and tell me why the hell did you made that confession. I wasn't offended at all, if you really want to know. I really think it was irrelevant and really just downright WTF.

Just tell it right to me. It won't hurt, don't worry. 

Plus, being a keyboard warrior won't help you in life, you know.

And to finish off this part of the post:
- Cosplayers/artists/mangaka/idols are human beings. They are not pets and all, they do not have owners.
- Characters rightfully belong to the original creators and producers. 

 and to think that person became annoyed with me when these are the obvious facts. Pfft.


Sorry if this post wasn't your cup of tea, but I really just needed to say everything out. I've posted a similar thing as my status on Facebook, but I felt that I left out some vital stuff that I wanted to say, so I turned to post them here instead.

But really, I can't help but to think that this was stupid to the extreme level. 
Ahh well, this must be a case of extreme obsession or what not.

I'd rather hog my books and study for finals rather than to bother about these issues.

Back to normal life now then. 

July's coming to an end soon, and August is on its way.
Excited for August coz my birthday is in August WHEEE~~
but less about that, more about exams first.

So then...

See ya guys in my next post!!


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