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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

14 Aug 2013: Happy 20th Birthday to Me!!


Music Playlist:
= Call Your Name - Hiroyuki Sawano (vocals by mpi and CASG)
= This Love - Shinhwa
= Diamond Crevasse - May'n
= AI CATCH - Goatbed


Happy birthday to me!!!!
I've finally turned 20 years old today!!! XD 

To be quite honest, FINALLY leaving my teen years and entering into adulthood is a big change for me, and for some reason, I'm excited yet nervous at the same time!! 
Don't ask me why, that's what I'm feeling now OTL but I'm not sure why AHHHH--

I didn't had any celebration for my birthday this year. Just a simple dinner and blew candles on a cake I thought they'd never buy for me (what).

Spent the whole of the day time at work today because I couldn't get an off day today. ;w; And it certainly wasn't a pleasant day at work too, because I've faced so many problems at work orz. So many that I was close to crying halfway through my shift. 
I also skipped my breakfast and lunch, so I felt so light-headed and felt like fainting throughout they evening. ;__; 
But somehow, I managed to pull through and finished up my working shift. Jaja.

No special birthday present from my friends or family this year due to...uhh...poverty. Haha. ;w;
But I did receive an extremely special surprise today in my Facebook inbox message. 

Here it is:

This wonderful surprise definitely put a smile on my face after a crazy day at work. Thank you, Reika-san!!! :D
At night, after having a simple dinner of spaghetti (woohoo~) I blew the candles of my birthday cake. XD

my colorful cake, wheee~
I was told that my dad actually picked that doll himself, because apparently it reminded him of me in cosplay. |D
thanks, dad. XD

birthday girl posing with le birthday cake jajajjajajaja

le slicing cake after blowing the candles, yahooo~

And...that's pretty much it!! QvQ
nothing else special to celebrate my birthday, except for the fact that I'll allow myself to get a good night's sleep tonight, because I've been dead tired for the past few weeks orz

I shall try to keep my blog updated as possible!! XD
and even for this post, I might be editing it occasionally. |D

Til my next post,



  1. Wow! I love the music This love by Shinhwa because of the shingeki no kyojin video that I watched on youtube haha! Anyway Happy Birthday to you! Omg, Reika sent you a picture!! I am soo jealous!! :)!
    Anyway your cosplay is really cute! I'm very looking forward to your next cosplay! By the way, would you like to follow each other on GFC? Let me know :D