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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

04 Sept 2013: AniManGaki 2013 day 1 report!


Music Playlist:
= Angels - Within Temptations
= Call Your Name - Hiroyuki Sawano (Vocals by mpi and CASG)
= The Reluctant Heroes - Hiroyuki Sawano (Vocals by mpi)
= Vogel im Kafig - Hiroyuki Sawano (Vocals by Cyua)
= Jiyuu no Tsubasa - Linked Horizon


As to what I've updated in my "Current mood" above, I'm tired coz I've just started my new semester recently, and also I haven't been getting enough sleep because my friends and I are making plans for Yuuiki's visit to KL this weekend. Tough planning coz not all of us could make it to hang out with her @@

Back to topic, sorry for having this updated so late! But that was because I was working and it was only now that I got the time to finally sit down and update on my adventure to AniManGaki 2013! As some of you might've read on my Twitter and Facebook, I managed to attend only day 1 as I had to work the morning shift during day 2 (sad life is sad OTL)
Nevertheless, day 1 was fun as well. I got to meet up with everyone: new friends and old friends. The event was a hell load of a blast too with two special guests gracing the event: Inui Tatsumi, the moderator of Cure, the Japanese cosplay website; and MIYA, a Japanese cosplayer as well as a moderator of the Cure website as well. 

Oh, and before I begin, just going to let you know that the character I cosplayed was an original character from my Fujoshi High School group back in 2010. I decided to redo it for AMG as I am planning to keep the costume away since the buttons are all coming out ;__; and also because I have no use for the costume for the time being. 

So, basically, for the whole day, the important tasks that I needed to do was to meet up with Riko Moru to collect the photobook that she had helped me to buy from Cosfest and meet up with Waninoko to collect some merchandise that she's also helped me to buy :D

The rest of the day was basically me meeting up with old friends and new friends, say hi and camwhore and stuff. And also the usual stuff that one does in any ACG event, which is to visit all the doujin booths. XD

I won't talk much about what I did because basically....I forgot what I did ;w; 
I didn't even get much photos this time around because I was lazy...extremely lazy...I think I just caught on this laziness virus from Elliot and Chisa. =__=)o

So this is the adorable Riko!! Thank you so much, Riko, for helping me buy Reika's Shingeki no Kyojin photobook from Cosfest in Singapore. I OWE YOU A STARBUCKS DRINK. ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Camwhore pic no.2 with Riko. I swear to God, she has the most adorable voice ARGHHH. And the portrait of Inui-san that she drew was awesome. SHE'S TOO AWESOME ARGHHH.

Trust me when I say I actually have a crush on Jean too besides Erwin. OuO
...not Jean this Jean. Jean as in the character Jean. =w=

Character||Series: Jean Kirschtein||Shingeki no Kyojin
Cosplayer: Shiki Arep

BROOOOO I'm so glad you recognized me although I looked like shit ahahah ;w;
I tried to make myself look bishie though ;3; and I FAILEDDDDDDDD
Shiki's Jean is forever bishie yahooooo

Camwhore pic no.2 with Shiki, and I noticed that I look weird here. *cries*

Camwhore with dear Wani!!! XD 
Thank you for helping me buy the merchandise~ *(*´∀`*)☆
and you are welcome for the cake too~ YOU DESERVED THE CAKE!! :D

Finally spotted Inui and Miya!! Found them while I found out that the cosplay competition was in progress. So this is basically a sneak shot. 
...and for some reason, I think everyone in the photo is looking at my direction...? Including Wani???

Sneak shot no. 2 hurrrrr

Ran all the way to where Wani was sitting in the crowd just to take this pic. I totally looked like a stalker back then. I feel...bad. ;w;

A much clearer pic yahooo *__*
and that guy sitting there is...uhh...major cockblock. No offense, man. 

YES! Finally a good and clear up front shot of the judges for the cosplay competition!
From left: Kaz, Ayase, MIYA and Inui. 

And even closed up view! but it's a pity that the photo is blur ;___;


Moar sneak shot hurrrrr
Took this after the cosplay competition ended. OuO

My most precious shot of the whole event: A pic together with Inui-san! I didn't get to talk much to him, but he is a really nice guy, and he keeps smiling and bowing to everyone that wanted a pic with him. 
I exchanged my coscard with him, and he stared at my coscard for like 3 seconds and said "Kireiiii~" (I just laughed like an idiot there and then... //////)
Then I got a pic with him.

Chisa's shiawase moment! She got a pic with Inui-san and also exchanged coscards with him. :)


Camwhore pic no.1 with dearie Julia! She's cosplaying as Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club. Julia is still as cute as always wwwwwww

...the backlight so cockblock ;___;

...so we took a second pic!!!! :D

Spotted the pretty Miiko and her partner!!! XD
I've always been admiring Miiko as she is an awesome cosplayer ;w;

Character||Series: Yamuraiha||Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Cosplayer: Miiko

Character||Series: Morgiana||Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Cosplayer: ??

Camwhore pic no.1 with dearie Xyana!! :D
She's cosplaying as the adorable Anarchy Panty from the series, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. SHE BROUGHT ALONG A HUGE LOLLIPOP TOO. 8D

Xyana's puffer fish face along with Yuukii's photobomb peace sign there =w=)b

Camwhore pic with dearie Yuukii Chii! :D
She's cosplaying as Weiss from the series, RWBY. YOU CHO ADORABLE AHHHH XD

Here comes the baka trio!
All three of us were dead tired for God knows what reason. Maybe for Elliot, yes, she has a reason. She was a volunteer for the event. XD


Met with dearie Spacechan and also her friend, Hana Hisa! :D
Spacechan cosplayed as Da Qiao!! AGRHGARGAH SO MOEEEEEE

First time meeting with dearie Jyeng as the pretty pretty Miku!!! :D
And I kid you not, this is the first time meeting with her and it is as if we haven't met for 10 years. The wonders of human connections work in mysterious ways. OuO

And the last camwhore pic of the day using my phone is together with my primary school friend, Suzie!! :D
She's cosplaying as Rikka, and she's a very cute Rikka at that!! XD

Me and Chisa just gaying around. We are so gay.

(taken using Chisa's camera. I look so flawless.)

The commander and the military pilot!! (kononnya...)
A pic with my dear neechan, Haruhi!! :D

(photo credits: Hanatsu)

Gaying around is what we, the Baka Trio, do best.

Camwhore pic together with Yuukii Chii by using her phone. I look fricckin fair here coz the photo was originally dark. ;w; 

Together with my gay hubby, Chisa. Woohooo we so gay.

(Photo credits: Chisa)

Alright, event loot time!
It's quite a lot of stuff, but actually most of the stuff were bought before hand and was passed to me during the event. :D 
(click on the photo for a larger view)

So the items are:
- Reika Arikawa's Shingeki no Kyojin photobook and new post card set (special thanks to Riko for helping me buy them! :D)

- Akatsuki Tsukasa's Luka Megurine cosplay Cure card (thanks to Riko also for helping me get one! :D)

- King x Mon's post cards set and Shingeki no Kyojin cosplay calendar, bought from Comic Fiesta Mini by an awesome friend who had requested to not be named for privacy purposes. Thank you, nevertheless!! :)

- Chibi Levi heichou (as if he isn't chibi enough~ 8D *kicked by Levi*) keychain that I bought from Xsaye's booth. I wanted an Erwin one, but no Erwin. ;__;

- Three SnK book marks (Erwin, Sasha and Jean) bought from one of the booths that Phoxias jaga. I LOVE ALL THREE OF THE BOOKMARKS HURRRR

Last but not least...

Top from left: Yuukii Chii Kuso #1, Riko Moru, Yuukii Chii Kuso #2
Middle from left: Jasmine Lee, Taufik Ibrahim (was an extra given to me by Elliot), Xsaye
Bottom from left: Jyeng, Inui Tatsumi, Natsumine Fiqa

Thank you guys so much for the coscards!!! :D


and that's about it for AniManGaki for me! Didn't get much shots as I was busy looking for people and there were too many people around. Plus, I didn't get enough sleep on the night before and I had to go straight to work after AMG. SAD CASE, I KNOW.

But, for my first time ever attending AMG, I personally think it was a blast! 
Thank you to the committees for making it happen :)

Also, thank you to those whom I've met throughout the day, eventhough we didn't get the chance to camwhore and all. ;__;

Sincere apologies to those whom I've promised to meet up with but didn't get to do so. I hope to meet up with you guys in the next event!!! ;w;

Alright, gotta move on to the next post...or maybe straight to bed now. I'm beat. ;w;

til the next post,


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