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Monday, December 9, 2013

09 Dec 2013: My Cosplay Journey -2009 til now-

Current mood: I'm feeling kinda tired, though not too much. Just felt that I haven't updated my blog in a ridiculously long time. With Comic Fiesta around the corner, I might as well update~ OuO)/

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Haven't updated in such a long time, so with Comic Fiesta 2013 just around the corner, just thinking "Hey, why not update le blog? 8D"


actually, not really. |D
With Comic Fiesta 2013 just around the corner, I was thinking: It's time for a Tuesday throwback :3

I may or may not know exactly what I am bullshitting in here as I am actually pretty tired right now as I type these very words @u@

Also, this post MAY be kinda messed up as I am typing most of these based on memories and things I can remember the most, but most importantly, it is as sincere as you can read. Everything written here is typed out sincerely from my heart. :3

It will be including my life as an otaku and cosplayer in general, but I will focus more on Comic Fiesta~ XD

I had been pulled into the world of anime and manga since I was only 7, with Card Captor Sakura as the first anime I have ever watched wwwwww
Since then, I grew to love anime and manga even more, watching many interesting and awesome titles as I grew up.

2009 was the starting point of my life where I got to know what "cosplay" is, as in, the time I really got to see how cosplay is like in real life. I got to attend my first ever ACG event back then (ACGC 2009) and honestly, I was excited and practically spazzing all over the place as I got to see so many of my favorite characters brought to life. 

I never took much interest into wanting to become a cosplayer myself, until I was in form 5.

It all began when I was asked by a friend of mine, Hanatsu, to join a Vocaloid group photoshoot that she had organized. I was reluctant at first, but I thought to myself: "Hey, why not try it out? It'll be kinda and sorta interesting to be wearing wigs and costumes, putting on makeup and making myself look like the characters I love." 

So, I agreed to it.

Back then, it could pretty much be considered that I was a fricckin weaboo. Sincerely speaking, I thought cosplay = putting on wig and makeup, not necessarily needing the costume especially if it is Vocaloid. This thought of mine kinda lasted til early 2011.

...no, I am not joking. I really was THAT weaboo back then. OTL

I also got to attend C2AGE 2010, and at that time, I had managed to get to know a couple of experienced cosplayers in the scene through the Comic Fiesta forums (I used to be an active CF forumer until I went to National Service. After that, I was kinda...meh |D) and I got to hang out with them. I got even more fascinated with cosplay by then. Everything was so exciting and I was really going nuts over all my favorite characters being brought to life.

Along the way, I got to attend more smaller events, but I didn't really had much memory of them coz most of them are pretty boring and not many of my friends attended those events, so yea~ .w.

And now, to Comic Fiesta.

Comic Fiesta 2010 was the first ever Comic Fiesta that I got to attend. I was supposed to attend Comic Fiesta 2009, but I didn't had the chance coz, myeh, parents didn't allow OTL.
Back then, Comic Fiesta was already considered to be at a whole different level compared to the other events in Malaysia. I was seriously surprised with the amount of visitors and the event itself. It was completely awesome!! Comic Fiesta 2010 was also the time I got to collaborate with a lot of really really good cosplayers from KL and Penang in the Fujoshi High School group. I also got to participate in my first evenr official photoshoot. I was certainly overjoyed with that! 
I got to know more friends from Comic Fiesta and boy, I was left in awe after the entire event was over. XD

Some pics from Comic Fiesta 2010.....


Do I look bishie enough to you? DO I? DO I????


Comic Fiesta 2011 was the revolutionary turn for Comic Fiesta, in my opinion, as the event switched to KL Convention Center as its venue. I was pretty much excited as heck to attend Comic Fiesta for the second time. Maybe the only problem with the whole event was crowd control as they had only taken two halls back then and the ever-so-annoying KLCC security staff who did not do their job as how we expected them to do it, but as I always say, with the right people to hang out with, any event can be fun. It certainly was fun and entertaining. XD managed to meet up with many old and new friends and as always, enjoyed it to the max!

Shine bright like a diamond *w*
Pretty much another year of cosfuck, coz heck, the wig ain't even right ;w; 

But I am still thankful to my fellow group members :3 thank you, Haru nee-chan for organizing this group~ *hugs*

I also got to collaborate with Singaporean photographer, Jeremy, for my (pretty) awesome on-the-spot shoots. Thank you so much. :)

And then it was Comic Fiesta 2012. It was another year of awesomeness as the event took up FOUR halls this time round. A whole load more of awesome stuff were in our favor and more people attended! Met up with even more friends, old and new, and got a lot of loots. XD it was also one of the event I enjoyed the most in the whole of 2012 thanks to the emcees. (BATANG FIESTA, ifyouknowwhatimeancoughcough)
I realized that I have improved even more by that time. I got to debut an official and actual version of Hatsune Miku and I was in love with my costume. I was glad many people liked it too wwwwwww
One sad thing though was that I didn't get to take much picture for CF2012....and I don't even remember why QuQ (maybe it's the fact that I stay glued at the stage area most of the time OTL)

...though I did get to take more selcas with others :D
Taken by: Julia Lim

Happy sisters are happy :'D my dear imouto, Mae Yen, took this selca :D

And then year 2013 came along.

I must say, this year had been quite a year. Not including my life in general (focusing more on my life as part of the ACG community), so many ups and downs happened, with most of the issues/happiness/sadness/anger incidents updated in my Facebook and Twitter but not here. Whatever things that had happened throughout this year will not be enough to be expressed through blogging alone, so whatever. Sad and depressed events or incidents have been long forgotten whereas sweet and happy memories are cherished. 

Comic Fiesta 2013 will be the closing event for all Malaysian ACG event goer, and I can really bet that everyone that will be attending are as excited as I am. I know I am pretty much nervous and all, but heck, it's COMIC FIESTA. I'm sure most of you have already seen or read about all the special guests who will be attending the event this year. (I AM SCREAMING INTERNALLY AS I TYPE.)

SIX WHOLE DAMN HALLS THIS YEAR. And with the announcement of the special guests for this year, it's gonna be a packed year again this year~ @u@ maybe even more than ever...oAo

A side note: I'm pretty sure this year will be the year of the Shingeki no Kyojin, Dangan Ronpa and Free! cosplays~ huehuehue~

Comic Fiesta 2013 will be my fourth time attending CF, and although I didn't started as part of the ACG community from way back then, four years (as an otaku; three and a half year as a cosplayer) were enough to make me feel that the whole community is like a family to me. From 2009 until now, everyone that I got to be friends with, regardless of whether or not we are still close now, had played/are playing/will play an important role in my life.

To everyone who had been or are still a part of me in my continuing journey down this road, I sincerely thank each and every one of you. Regardless of how big or small your presence had made a change in my life, I pretty much owe you guys for making me who I am today.

With the clock ticking, counting down the seconds and minutes til the arrival of the big day, I see a lot of us going nuts and panicking over last minute preparations...don't worry, I am too. QuQ

Since I am pretty much out of ideas on what else to crap about....here are my cosplans for Comic Fiesta this year~ :3

||Day 1||

Kuroko Tetsuya, Teiko School uniform version

Most likely you will see me derping around the doujin booth area. 8D 

||Day 2||

(the one cosplan that I do not wish, wish, wish to screw up at all~ QAQ)

Sheryl Nome, Sayonara no Tsubasa version


The seconds are ticking, inching us closer to the day that we all look forward to.
To everyone who will be attending Comic Fiesta 2013, let's all enjoy it to the max, shall we?

Much love,

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