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Monday, December 16, 2013

17 Dec 2013: The Real Countdown Begins

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As I am typing these very words, it is officially just another FOUR DAYS til Comic Fiesta 2013 happens. Seriously, time had been passing by so fast, none of us barely knew it went past us.
Technically speaking, I am (sort of) ready for it in terms of costume preparations and all. but as for my current physical and mental status...I AM NOT SURE IF I AM READY FOR IT.

Like everyone else who will be attending the event, I am excited! Very much, actually. I am currently planning out my to-do list for both days based on the given schedule and the map of the venue. It is pretty messed up even for me as of now, but I will try to manage. @@
As of now, my target for the event is the Cosplay Forum (Day 1, 4.30pm - 6pm at the Panel Room), the autograph sessions, the doujin booths and the special event we will be doing on day 2. With so much going on at one go, I actually forgot to slot in some time for on-event photoshoot~ @3@ shall revamp the whole thing...soon. _(:3 

*le slacking*


Currently in my list of pre-ordered things are....mainly EruRi (Erwin x Levi) stuff. Hueeeeee.
I am looking forward to be able to win some freebies during the event though! (hopefully I can win, that is...)

If I am able to prepare them in time, I might be giving out little bags of sweets to those who come and see me or maybe I'll just give them out on random. 8D

I am really looking forward to meet all my friends again as well as with new friends whom I've planned to meet up with. :D

And again, the picture above shows my cosplans for Comic Fiesta this year!! :3

Day 1: Kuroko Tetsuya, Teiko school uniform version
Day 2: Sheryl Nome, Sayonara no Tsubasa version

I'd be lying if I say I am not nervous to cosplay both these characters. Nevertheless, I shall ganbatte!!! *^*)9

...and I am very much lying if I said I am ready for this.


But, I'm still looking forward to it no matter what. :3

Busy week for me starts this Wednesday til probably next Monday. I PRAY THAT I WILL BE ABLE TO SURVIVE ALL THESE SHITS.

I will update my blog on the report for both days when I get the time after the event. XD I probably will have to wait for pics and all, but I shall try my best to update it. :)

To all fellow readers who will be there for Comic Fiesta 2013, hope to see you guys there!! :D


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