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Thursday, September 5, 2013

05 Sept 2013: My Top 5 Male & Female Character in Shingeki no Kyojin

Current mood: Tired and bored, which was why I made this post anyway.

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Okay! So this is something I'm doing out of extreme boredom.

And this list of mine is merely my own point of view, nothing else. Feel free to mention to me who are your fave character in the series so far. :D

I'm a huge fan of Shingeki no Kyojin, and just recently I found out that I am actually emotionally attached to the series. O__O (a very good example is that I cry wayyy too many times, especially whenever a character dies.)

But let's not talk about that. :D

Shingeki no Kyojin has a bunch of lovable characters with a variety of personalities. The only cruel thing the mangaka did was he made everyone fall in love with the characters introduced, then decide to kill them off as suddenly as possible. A lot of my favorite characters in the series had been killed by the titans, but nevertheless, they are still my fave. ;w;

Today, I will be doing a list of my top 5 favorite male and top 5 favorite female characters in the whole of the SnK series up until now, just to share my own personal opinion towards some of the characters that I will be mentioning later on why I love them. XD


5. Reiner Braun

If you had been following my Twitter, you'll roughly know why I love Reiner. XD
And as for those who don't, basically I love Reiner because he has some of the best lines in the series. 8D also, I admire Reiner a lot because he is a strong and contented soldier, strongly reliable and skilled. He also has a kind of personality that makes him someone easily to get along with. If Reiner were to be a real, he'd be my best guy friend. *w*)b

4. Auruo Bossard

He may come off as a bastard and an annoying asshole for most of the time, but as time progresses, you'll get to see a different side of Auruo.
For most of the time, Auruo tries to imitate everything about Levi, from the way he talks to the hairstyle as well as the way he dresses. He can be much of a boastful person. He keeps on bragging on how awesome his titans kill record is. He can be childish too at times, clearly seen while the Levi Squad were supposedly on their way back to the HQ after the retreat order was issued by Commander Erwin after the female titan was devoured. 
It has been said that Auruo has a crush on Petra, which was why he tries to act like Levi in order to impress Petra who likes Levi. 

Heartbreaking moment was in episode 21, where right after Petra was smashed into the trees, Auruo rampaged and tried to kill the female titan...and he got killed too. ;__;
Long story short, Auruo may seem like a bastard, but there was only a reason why he acts that way: to get the attention of the one girl he loves. And this is why I like him.


3. Levi

Humanity's strongest is no doubt the strongest. He may come off as ignorant and cold, but he cares deeply for his members. Highly skilled and tactical, he is the one person whom anyone can rely on to take care of the titans. 
He can be stubborn at times, but any orders or decisions from people of the higher-ups, he does not hesitate to accept it. 
Levi is, all in all, a pretty complicated person to understand. But, whatever he does is for the sake of humankind's survival, which makes me respect him greatly.

Best moments from him?

His godlike entrance as well as any time he fights. 


2. Jean Kirschtein

To be quite honest, I've never liked Jean before this. In the beginning of the series, he's one of those typical bad boy kind of guy who is arrogant and stuck up, thinking he is the best among all of them.
But, ever since the wall breach in Trost, Jean's personality took a great turn, and he became less selfish than before, now constantly thinking about the survival of his friends. 
I admire Jean very much for his personality change as well as his skills. It may not seem like it, but he is actually someone who values the lives of those around him. As what Marco had told him before Marco died, Jean is not strong, which is why he knows how the weak feels. 

....and another reason why I love Jean because I ship Jean x Marco. ;w;

Best moment that I like from him is when he makes the decision to join the Scouting Legion because he does not want those other scouts who have died to be disappointed. And basically any time when he is together with Marco. And also the part where he kisses his sword before commencing the attack on the female titan together with Reiner and Armin.


1. Erwin Smith

Humanity's hope is a blondie. YEAP, I'm in love with another blondie. BUT HE IS NOTHING LIKE ANY OTHER BLONDIES, OKAY.
The commander of the Scouting Legion is an intelligent and far-thinking man. He comes across as warm and gentle during off battles, but he will not hesitate to risk the lives of the Scouting Legion members in order to maintain the future of mankind.
He is capable of predicting so many different possibilities from a situation, which is why he is able to make quick decisions no matter the outcome. 
The best moments I love from him is definitely getting to know how he devised the Long Range Scouting Formation as well as learning how much of a person he can be, how he is able to throw away his sense of humanity in order to fight the titans. 
But to be quite honest, whenever he has his screen times, that's when my fave moments are. XD


And so now, we move on to my top 5 favorite female characters! :D


5. Mikasa Ackerman

If you really want me to be honest, Mikasa used to be on the top of my list: until I realized all she has in her head is "EREN!", "EREN!" and moar "EREN!". It may come off as sweet in the beginning, but as the series progresses, it starts to become a bit too annoying. :X
Nevertheless, I still like Mikasa in a sense that she is also one of humanity's strongest. Her fighting skills are godlike, almost comparable to Levi's, and also her skills in handling the 3Dmg is awesome. OuO)b

Best moments that I like from her are when she gave a harsh lecture to all the scouts when Trost was breached, convincing them to fight against the titans, as well as whenever she fights. 8D
(I just don't like it when she starts going all paranoia over Eren... ;w;)


4. Hanji Zoe

I love Hanji for all the obvious reasons!!! She's nuts and crazy about titans, but at the same time, she is one of the strongest in the Scouting Legion. She can come off as a nutcase most of the time when it comes to titan investigation, but she is strong-willed and still willing to kill titans eventhough they are her major interests.
And also coz she's Hanji. Nuff said.

Best moments I like from her is mainly whenever she gets her screen time, whenever she gets excited over titans, and also during the first time she was properly introduced in the series. OuO)b


3. Annie Leonhardt

Another one of the strongest fighters in the series, it's too bad she is one of the antagonists... ;w; 
But I mainly respect Annie for her strength and her reasons to fight. She may seem cold and ignorant, but she really is kind of nice at certain times. I love her also because she is crazily beautiful. *w*)o

Best moments from her was when she easily defeated Reiner and Eren during their hand-to-hand combat practice and whenever she fights with her 3Dmg.


2. Petra Ral

Petra is one of the best of the best in the Scouting Legion, having high titan kills record. She can be harsh at times, with obvious reasons, but she is very nice, kind and caring, always checking on Eren's condition and making sure he is alright. 
She trusts her comrades deeply, and relies as well as work well with them in any given situation. 
She also respects, admires and likes Levi a lot, which in turn made Auruo (who likes her very much) try imitate Levi in every way.
Petra became one of my most fave female character ever since she was introduced in the series...and they decided that SHE JUST HAD TO DIE. ALONG WITH ALL THE OTHER MEMBERS OF LEVI'S SQUAD. AGRHAGHRGHRGHAGH
And Petra's death was probably one of the saddest one as well. The way Auruo watches her die...it's all too...guhhhhhh Q___Q

Best moments from Petra was her final battle against the female titan before she was killed (whenever she fights basically) and when she bit her hand along with the other members of Levi's squad as an apology to Eren when they doubted him of attempting to transform into a titan without permission.
Then again, every one of Petra's screen time is my fave moment of her. ;w;)/


1. Sasha Braus

.............hehehe |D
 Didn't expected this, eh? 8D
I love Sasha a lot because I can relate myself a lot to her.
She is just herself and loves food, noming away on any food she can get her hands on whenever possible.
Sasha is also a scaredy cat, always freaking out and panicking when she faces a dire situation, but that never stops her from joining the Scouting Legion as well as going against the titans. She always manages to swallow her fear and fight them.
She has a very strong survival instinct, having grown up near the forests back in her village. 
Every bit of who Sasha is, I can relate myself to her. One thing is that she doesn't get enough screen time compared to the other scouts. ;w;

Best moments from Sasha is definitely when she was eating the potato away during the first day in training, as well as the way she freaks out while she was being chased by the abnormal titan during the expedition outside the walls.
SASHAAAA ~ \(*u*)/

DISCLAIMER: all screen shots and fanarts used in this post belongs rightfully to their owner. I do not own any of the photos unless stated.

And that is my list on my top 5 fave male and female characters in Shingeki no Kyojin! There are other characters that I admire a lot too, but they don't leave much impression as compared to the characters that I've listed above.
For example, Bertholdt is also one of my fave characters in the series, a guy so quiet and always unsure of himself, but he is highly skilled and has proven himself as a strong soldier. But he is too quiet... ;w; maybe later on in the series when we get to find out who he really is, then maybe my perception towards him might change. Who knows? XD

AAAAAND that's about it!

I'm not even sure of what I'm writing in this post, to be honest, because my brain is overloaded with information from today's classes. @__@

Back to reality, I shall be getting more sleep tonight because tomorrow, a dear friend from another state will be coming over to visit us here. :D
I'll update on her visit here possibly on Sunday, so stay tuned to that!

Until the next post,


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