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Monday, October 27, 2014

27 Oct 2014: MGACE 2014 Meet and Greet session (Q&A panel translation script)

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Hey guys! Just a quick update for the moment before I move on to the official post for the event I attended last weekend.

I'm making this post to provide the translation for the questions and answers in the video of the meet and greet session during the event since Youtube didn't want to accept that long-winded video description of mine which was supposed to include the translations for the questions and answers. GDI.

Anyway, the following is the translation script for the question and answers in the video. :)

This video was taken during the meet and greet session on day 2. The precious bbys were cosplaying as Makoto Tachibana and Haruka Nanase from "Free! Eternal Summer" and Onnies cosplayed as Nishikino Maki from "Love Live!". Baozi and Hana answered majority in Chinese, so I will be including the translations for the questions and answers below for reference. :) note that I'm only summarizing the answers because there are some parts in the video which I can't hear properly ;w;

If there are any mistakes in my translations or if I've missed out on any important parts, please do let me know and I will correct it! :)
[Baozi and Hana]
1. Why did the both of you decided to work together as a duo?
Baozi: Before Hana started to collaborate with me, he had worked with other cosplayers before. But, after he got to know me, he stopped working with other cosplayers.
Hana: Back at that time, there are a lot of character pairings that I like from a lot of games. I've wanted to cosplay all of them but there wasn't any suitable guy to pair up with. This was when Baozi appeared. That's all. :3 *cue fangirl scream from Onnies*

2. How many cats do you have?
Baozi: We have a total of five cats, all of them are back home in China. The first one is called Mimi, the second one is Xiao Mai Mai, the third one is Duo Duo (Toto?? |D), the fourth one is...Hana said it's called Xiao Long Bao, and the last one is called Hua Jie (I couldn't hear this one properly, so if I heard it wrong, do correct me ya?). There was one time we brought the cats to the vet, and the vet asked for the name of the cat. I said "It's called Xiao Long Bao." The vet then asked for the name of the other cat, and I said it was called Hua Jie. The vet then commented, "You named all of your cats after the name of food?" and I replied, "The father's name is Xiao Mai Mai.", and the vet was just speechless. |D

*3. When are the both of you getting married? 
Baozi: Pass! Pass! Next question!! 
(at this moment you will see Onnies asking Hana what was all the commotion about, and when he translated the question to her, she had this shocked and excited face and asked us to scream for them. |D)

*4. Who was the one who confessed first? And how did it happened?
Baozi: Can we pass this question? (all of us said "NOOOO~" lol) I will let Hana answer this question.
Hana: Of course not me. :v
Baozi: Really? Really? 8)
Hana: Let's move on. This question is too hard to...answer. 
Baozi: Can you ask us questions which are more normal?
Hana: Something more generic, like "Why do you like cosplay?".

5. Have you ever thought about giving up on cosplay?
Baozi: (to Hana) Wow, never thought about this before. Do you want to answer this? Coz you have faced this issue before.
Hana: This question is so sad. (Girl: Should I change the question?) Oh, no need. We've wasted time. Actually, I've thought about giving up on it before. (Girl: Is it because of Baozi?) Why would it be because of him? *laughs* Basically, I thought how cosplaying have taken up a lot of my time from doing other things. Somehow I feel like I've spent a lot of my youth (idk he said this lol) on cosplay. Then...uhmm...I'll let Baozi take it from here.
Baozi: To summarize what he said, basically, he spent most of his youth on cosplay. (Girl: How about Baozi?) Ahh? No, I'm already old. But, for Hana, he feels that he has yet to fulfill a lot of the things that he wanted to do in life. And, the both of us still have a lot in life that we have yet to achieve. So, for the time being,  we will still continue to cosplay, and we will do our best. Bye bye~ :3 *turns to Onnies* You! It's your time!

1. How do you manage your time for both cosplay and your everyday life?
Onnies: Since I've just started working, and I work Mondays to Fridays, during Saturdays and Sundays, I will try to make my costumes as I can. I try to finish everything fast to make it up for the time I work. My advise for you guys (basically for those who are cosplaying and studying/working at the same time) is to do everything as fast as you can.

2. What is your favorite thing to do when you go to overseas event, besides eating?
Onnies: Heyyyyyy how did you know I love to eat a lot? 8D Hmm...maybe...playing around with the other guests. Also, every country that I've visited are different in terms of, not just food, but the culture, the people....I enjoy seeing the different kinds of people from different countries. I also like Malaysian food a lot. I like it a lot. Last time I went to Bali, their food was okay. It was good. But I don't really enjoy Filipino food. It's just...different. Because Malaysian food are similar to Thai food. The names are different, for example, in Thailand, the food is called with these names, and in Malaysia, it's the same food, only with different names.

3. Which is the most fun thing for you to do when you are at home?
Onnies: You want the true answer? 8) Okay. Whenever I'm at home, I'll try to finish up my costumes as I can. Umm...that's not very fun, right? |D besides that, the most fun thing to do is to sleep, running away from work and all. Even so, I'm still happy to do cosplay. :)

(Questions marked with a "*" means the questions weren't considered valid.)
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  1. Their 5th cat's name is huajuan or Hanamaki in english xD again, we are really thankful because you allowed us to use your video to make subtitle :D