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Friday, August 15, 2014

15 Aug 2014 (3): AMG 2014 special [Stayxxxx] -updated-


Song playlist:
|| Till I Die - Mica Caldito cover version
|| Before My Body is Dry - Mika Kobayashi
|| Kokoro no Placard - AKB48


Alrightey, people, let's get this show on a roll, shall we? :)

Before we get onto the post, I will have a little intro here.

Stayxxxx is a cosplayer from Taiwan who caught my interest when I saw her Sebastian Michaelis cosplay that was a feature in one of the COSMODE magazine back in 2009. Ever since that time, I've been looking for ways of means to keep up with her cosplays. Occasionally I would still bump into her cosplay photos at some websites, but I was still unable to find a website that I can keep up with her with.
I managed to find her FB fanpage soon, and from then on, I was able to keep up with her again.
I really admire Stay for her passion and the amount of dedication she puts into her cosplays. She never really puts up any sort of "progress" photos, but through the final product of her photos, you can really see the amount of dedication she has. The intricate details in her costumes and props, the skills in makeup, character portrayal, every single detail is to perfection.
She is also selfless, always putting her fans as her priority. She is very nice and very caring too.
Stay is also quite frail as she falls sick a bit too easily, which is why she rarely accepts overseas event invitation. 
I never really tried to talk to her through FB because I know she is also busy with work and what not and there are also probably so many people trying to catch her attention by spamming her. Most of the time I was just admiring her from afar and admiring her photos.

So, to have her at an event which I know gives me a high chance to meet her in person, I am just astounded!

Stay initially had been to Malaysia twice before this: once during Comic Fiesta 2013 and once in a certain Penang event. I missed out on the chance to meet her during CF last year because I was busy with another overseas friend. OwO

To be able to meet her in person this time, up close and personal, I'm just...I feel like it was just a dream but it was reality! And with this...quite a number of people have seen how my reaction was at the sight of Stay in person.

For day 1, she was cosplaying as Houka Inumuta from "Kill la Kill", which happens to be one of my favorite cosplays from her!

 I took this quick sneak shot of her before I had to head back to the stage area to prepare for the AMG Idols.
I AM JUST...CRYING at the sight of her Inumuta cosplay! And damn, she is very tall~ @w@

After the end of the AMG Idol prelims round, I stayed back to watch the cosplay competition (with the purpose of watching Stay from afar). I took a seat at the front row of the crowd which gave me a good view of the judges' table xD

 Taken while the competition was going on! Stay was amused with one of the groups' performance, hence that big smile on her face~ xD
The other two cosplayers that were with her as the judges are Angie and Kazuko. :)

 Jotting down some notes and all that.....
Let me just emphasize on how moe Angie is. Kazuko too~ :'3

 A little deliberation between the judges.

I like this sneak shot the most xD;;
All three judges look so cute! //rolling around

 The judges giving a little poses for the photographers to snap away with their cameras. ///////



There's only one thing I would like to say: there is not one shot where all three of them looked at my camera sobs.

For day 1, most of it were just photos of Stay. After the competition was over, I ran over to her booth to line up and waited for the autograph session!

That was pretty much it for day 1.

And I pretty much also YOLO-ed to come for day 2, specifially to attend the on-stage interview.

The on-stage interview began at about 12.45pm-ish?? And I was lucky enough to grab a front row seat (in which in the end, I was pushed to the front of the stage by a mob of fangirls orz)

Here are a couple of photos that I managed to take before the start of the interview session. :)

Stay was cosplaying as Drocell from "Kuroshitsuji". All the fabulous details on her costume makes me wanna cry. ;w;

She came to the edge of the stage on purpose to let us take her photos!! I am really really amazed by the awesomeness of her cosplay~ QvQ
And this was taken pretty up close too!!


 And then BAM! she was looking straight at my phone's camera!

She held her pose long enough for me to take the similar pose twice as she was still looking at my direction. AIN'T SHE PRETTY,

Ah, and I also managed to record the entire on-stage interview! I've uploaded the video on Youtube and here it is for your convenience.

All interview questions were posted beforehand for screening and what not, and I actually had one of my questions asked xD;; oh, and by the way, her translator-slash-PR personnel is my friend owo)/

I managed to take a full body shot of Stay!! Although the lighting kind of screwed up the photo orz

 Focusing on keeping my phone still as well as being able to see Stay's face in person wwwww
You can see my "Idol" pass properly xD

Photo by: Aarinfantasy Media Team

 Not sure of the reason why I was smiling like mad, but I really love this shot as well xD

Photo by: Aarinfantasy Media Team

A large group phot, and yayyy I'm in! xD
 I just realized that I am being acknowledged as a true fan of Stay by Aarin herself ;w;)/

Photo by: Aarinfantasy Media Team
 Because a selfie on stage is alway awesome. And look at my face there. Too epic ady xD;;;

 Photo by: Shaun

Another sneak shot of the judges. Best not to disturb them anymore _(:'3

Right after the interview session, I ran all the way to her booth to wait for the next autograph session. xD there were already a couple of people waiting ahead of me in line (about five or six of them?), at least it was better than the day before orz.

As promised to her the day before (she told me to come back on day 2 instead so that she can take a photo with me) and also with the permission from the committees, I managed to get the pink macaron handphone strap, and also....THIS!!

We were allowed to take a photo together with Stay!! I was so nervous to meet her up close in person, and she was really nice! I presented to her the Makoto badge and she was really happy with it :')

The next time I was lucky enough to bump into Stay again was when she was outside her room. She was kind enough to stop for pictures, and eventually, we all wanted selfies with her. xD


Look at how she is posingggg~

 Alright, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. I present to you...


I FINALLY MANAGED TO TAKE A SELFIE WITH HER! Damn, she is really tall! And she is really, really nice!! She has this aura that makes me very excited and nervous at the same time when I was standing next to her xD;;


Over all, I really really REALLY enjoyed AMG this year because of Stay! Stay really was a nice person, and although I didn't get to talk much to her, she shows a lot of appreciation towards me. My respect and love for her has grown rapidly this time, and I will definitely continue to support her for the years to come :')

I really can't thank the organizing committees enough for bringing in my ultimate favorite cosplayer who I had been admiring longer than any other international cosplayers out there. :')

Either way, I made this as a special early birthday present for myself, and not once have I ever felt regretful for attending this event. :)

Okay, so there is one more post that I owe you guys, but I don't think I have any more energy to do that. I'm already so old, for crying out loud. =w=

Alright, I guess it's time to hit the sack! I'm very exhausted from sitting in front of the laptop almost the entire night orz

Once again, thank you for reading my posts and stay tuned for more updates in the future! :)



(P.S: Aarin sent this collage to me as a birthday present. She also mentioned about how she could see that I was a very loyal fan of Stayxxxx~ QuQ)

Photo by: Aarinfantasy Media Team
Photo arrange: Aarin Cheah

I am such a slow potato and I only recently found out that Stayxxxx posted the following pictures on her Facebook page. DO TAKE NOTE that the following pictures are genuinely taken BY HER, BY HER PHONE, and I specifically do not own any of the pictures. Link to the original pictures on the page will be provided along with the pictures below. Click on the link provided, like the pictures and like her page too! SUPPORT STAY PLEASE. :3

YESSSS REACH OUT THAT HAND (and I am sorry to have blocked your face, oh dear person standing beside me ;~;)

Photo by: Stayxxxx (Original photo)

All the excited faces. AND I SEE LEENA. HI LEENA.

Photo by: Stayxxxx (Original photo)

My secret to looking good in sudden photo-takings by your favorite artist/idol/cosplayer/person: pose readily, and keep that pose. And I really mean keep the same pose. 

Photo by: Stayxxxx (Original photo)

Nothing is better than taking a selfie from the stage, and hell, I tried squeezing in as much as possible for this shot ;-; (gomenasai to the person whom I squeezed on orz)

Photo by: Stayxxxx (Original photo, and also read her thoughts after attending AMG here! :D)


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