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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

21 May 2014: C2AGE R.A.V.E '14 (day 2)

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Con-sequencing  from the previous post, this post will be about C2age 2014 day 2 and all the selfies taken during the day! :)
I will also be posting the photos of the items looted during the two days the event lasted as well as coscard collections. 

For C2age day 2, not many people attended because: 1. The date of the event itself falls in between exams in most schools; 2. It was Mother's Day.

But a lot of fabulous cosplays were found during this day HUEHUE
There were lesser selfies taken during day 2, but a lot of it were wayyy better than the ones I took during  day 1 (couldn't hold up my phone properly during day 1 because of my costume's sleeves and also I couldn't smile properly from all the fatigue orz)


Together with Chelcy as Ranka!! :)
She was busy being photographed by tons of photographers on day 2, so my famous quote comes into light: RANKA IS LIVING THE IDOL LIFE.


 Didn't get a selfie with Ashley on day 1, so here I got it on day 2!

 Kissy face much? 8D

 Adorable Nao as the adorable Honey-senpai!! :3 *huggles and kidnaps away*

 Nanami Haruka by Rosa!! :) SO PRETTY HNGH



 Fabulous Mimea prssss :D

 I wanted a pic with these fabulous people.
...so I guess I pretty much got I wanted...I guess. 8D 



 Mokuto much fab


 Yuukii my darlinggggg~ :D (not literally okeh :v I like to call my friends as "dear" or "darling" as I please because that's what I do) //very legit reasoning

 Purposely waited for Teva to finish getting ready just to get a selfie with her as Kaname Kuran. IT'S BEEN WAY TOO LONG SINCE I LAST SAW A VAMPIRE KNIGHT COSPLAY so yea. ;w;

 Fabulous Gems as fabulous Koujaku. I was extremely tempted to morest Gems when I was given the opportunity...but later his waifu will kill me... _(:3

 A (very blur, no thanks to my phone's horrible front camera) group selca with the girls who participated in the meet and greet session with me! :)

 Okay, everyone looks good except me. Which is actually okay because excuse my derp face. :)

 Syn as Hanji! A selfie with Syn as promised after I missed out the opportunity to take a selfie together on day 1. :)

 It's as if I'm fated to meet Spacechan at every event that the both of us attends. :D she was together with Kazu!! :)

 After some intense adjusting to this photo taken before the closing ceremony started, it finally turned out okay. :D
Together with Leena, Hisa (Shaun) and ultimate helper, Wen!! :D
...and also with Qurshay photobombing at the back. 8D

 A much fabulous duck face from me with Wen, Hisa and Leena once again. This shot is much clearer than the previous one. XD

 Together with my kouhai from high school! :)

Photo by: Xiao Xun

 New friend made!! :) 
We call her as An An and she comes all the way from Johor. :)

Photo by: An An

 Group shot together with Ashley :)

Photo by: An An

 Group shot selca taken using Leena's phone WHICH IS WAY BETTER THAN MINE. 8D

From left: Ashley, Leena, Sky Fara, Sinyi, Miow Miow and me. :)

Photo by: Leena

Since we were bored of waiting for the meet and greet session to start, we took another selca outside the auditorium!
In the photo: Sky Fara, Leena, Ashley, me and Sinyi :)

And that pretty much concludes all the selfies taken during the event!! :)

The photo where I show you how my money magically disappeared from my purse...for all these stuff. :)

Compiled all items into one pic! :)

Listed below are the items in the pic:
- Zeasonal's photobook which I already got since last year Comic Fiesta but I brought it along with me during day 2 for Zea to autograph it for me. :)
- Tanagura blondies artwork from Kuro! :) (And yes, I am a closet Ai no Kusabi fan :v)
- Sakuya's cosplay photobook collected by Leena from MACG on my behalf. I CAN DIE IN PEACE.
- A little white bunny plush toy from Chelcy! I named it as "Sheryl" because it reminds me of the song, "Universal Bunny" from "Macross Frontier" xD
- Reika and Hiiro's full postcard set. Goodbye money.
- Group photo with the special guests at the EPSON booth. Sinyi and I still feel that our money wasn't worth to be spent on this, but oh well. :/
- New gyaru wig COD from Vivien on day 1! :)

And below are the autographs received during the meet and greet session. :)

 I had Plallen signed on one of my coscard because I couldn't get her postcard in time. ;w; (By the time I wanted to buy her postcard, it was sold out...;w;)
But this one is specially precious, so I am keeping it together with my cosplay postcard collections album. :)

 I had Hiiro to autograph on her Masato cosplay postcard because it seemed more like an idol's autograph haha xD 

 And I had Reika to autograph on her Joker cosplay postcard just coz it looks the most fabulous out of all the postcards 8D
If you look closely, she wrote my name down there wwwww

In Zea's photobook, I chose the most fabulous page photo to let Zea autograph on it. NYEHEHEH

And these are the coscards loot from this time around! Not much again as always, but all are precious. I still think collecting Yuukii's coscards are like collecting Pokemons. :v

Top row: Mokuto Rei, Dark Lab Visuals, Dark Lab Visuals (2)
Middle row: Yuuiki, Plallen, Kazu
Bottom row: Yuukii, Yuukii, Wings


Meet and greet session thoughts:

To be quite honest, I was not happy with the meet and greet session at all, because of the following reasons.

1.The meet and greet session wasn't even a proper meet and greet session. To be honest, it was more like a simple autograph session, and although you get to meet with the guests up close and personal to get their autographs and hug them and what not, it was nothing else beyond that. I was expecting like a short Q&A thing or maybe a special performance or a speech or something along the line. BUT NO.
2. I (and everyone else) paid RM30 for the above. I feel so cheated. My friends had the same thoughts too.
3. One of the mentioned rule for the meet and greet session was "No selfies with the special guests are allowed", which was implemented obviously to avoid from the line being jammed up behind and also to avoid from wasting time. Okay, so my friends and I obliged to the rule. Yet, the people behind us actually took selfies with the guests. Okay fine, you guys get the opportunity. The best part? None of the committees or personnel stopped them. I felt that it was really unfair for those of us who obliged to the rule. I mean, the selfies are not really important at that time for me, but to see those who broke the rule and no one went up to kindly stop them from doing so...I was kicking tables outside the auditorium due to this. 

But negative thoughts aside, I got to ask all the special guests on how they were doing and whether they are enjoying the event. They all had exhausted looks on their faces, actually, but I just want them to feel happy and appreciated. :) 

Zea asked how I was and whether I enjoyed the event. She also asked me if I could meet up with her for dinner or anything (in which I declined because I knew that opportunity was out of reach due to many reasons). 

I got to ask how Plallen was doing. She seemed exhausted, probably because she had the thought of her exams throughout the event. (She left the event venue before the closing ceremony commenced to fly straight back to Thailand due to her exams).

I got to speak to Reika for a brief moment in which she asked me why I wasn't cosplaying for that day. She also told Hiiro about me being the staff of the same event last year. Hiiro was surprised when she got to know that. XD
I got to hug the both of them as it was a promise that I just had to fulfill. :)

Little things like these do make me happy despite all the unfortunate events. So yea, I honestly did enjoy the event in a whole. xD


Okay, so before I end this post, I have a little something for all you fangirls of Reika and Hiiro.

Don't question, just watch. 8D


And that's a wrap!!! 

I will be moving on to the post solely focusing on the photoshoots that I've done during C2age 2014 (all are during day 1) so stay tuned!! :)



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