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Saturday, February 6, 2010

06 Feb 2010....

It's another normal day....with school, of course....replacement class for chinese new year holidays...XD Felt a sense of achieveness coz I finally get to pass up my folio moral (form 4 tugasan + laporan kerja amal: complete 100%; form 5 tugasan + laporan kerja amal: complete 0% [lol...XD]) to Pn. Noor Hidayah during recess time...now I got one thing less to worry about for the CNY holidays....except more homeworks of course...XD

Today there was no physics class since En.Hussaini was not in....PJK was so damn fun~ :3 We played renjam lembing, futsal, lompat tinggi (which I consider as a practice for my upcoming sports day..XD) and...that's about it, I guess....:3

I got the sample pictures on all the VOCALOID today....Hana-taichou asked me to choose one of the MANY types of outfits that Miku wear....out of the 7 pages of the pictures, i think Miku has like, 50 outfits or so??? It's a lot to choose from!!!!  but in the end i chose Magnet version, school uniform version and kimono version, since it's the easiest ones to do....

Also, we (me & Hana-taichou) will be doing Miku & Mikuo for our school's Interact Club International Understanding Day @ I.U day since this year their theme is Japanese + Korean~ so excited kyaa~~~ but I still haven't asked Car Men about the date...gotta confirm the date with her first before I proceed to ask Hana-taichou to order me beloved wig~~ X3

Currently (until 11.55p.m) I've manage to chase until eps 148 1/2...haha....it's a very good progress for someone like me....yet....I'm still left far behind compared with my friends....especially Michiru....she's already at the CURRENT episode that has been aired in Japan, which is eps 170...so I'm like, 21 eps behind~~ TTwTT

Homeworks that needs to be passed up next week is a mountain pile high, so gotta gambatte to finish it all!!!! I don't wanna be like last year!!!!! I wanna pass up all my homeworks right on time this year!!! No more overdue homeworks like I used to have back in form 1~form 4~~ *punishes myself*

Yay~finally~next Thursday I'm going back to Philipphines for the CNY holidays!!!!! X3  Yes, you heard me, THURSDAY!!!!!! So....basically as you know.....I won't be going to school on Friday....soo....5 Cekal girls, especially Hana-taichou, jot down homeworks for me, nyaa?? d(>w<)b

Wanna stay in FB and CF forum now, got lots of things to catch up with~~
Oyasumi, minna~~~

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