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Friday, February 26, 2010

26 Feb 2010~

Lots of things have happened naa since I last wrote on my blog...

The best thing that happened was the 11-day trip back to Iloilo, Philippines, my half hometown.
It was a totally great experience!!! If I have the chance again, I'd like to go back there and probably spend a few months there. It may be ridiculous, but that was what I thought back when we were about to go back...*sobs*

Hmm......there was a lot that my family and I have gone through....I gained a lot of experiences and I had lots of fun there. Met lots of relatives that I never knew that existed, more than 100 if counted altogether. (yes, shocking....) Well....since I don't have much time now to write down my whole trip there, I'll find another time where I'll be completely free from day to night to type it all down~ :3

Anyway....I'm having a feeling that I have at least 2000 emails in my Yahoo!Mail inbox coz I've been away and never logged into my Yahoo! Mail for almost 3 weeks, ughh~!!!!!!

I feel great to get back to school...coz I didn't went to school on Monday and Tuesday...plus today was a holiday, so this week I went  to school only for two days~ XD bad bad girl, am I? Haha....but what's the catch?? A mountain pile high of homeworks...haizz.....life is totally unfair....

In midst of preparing for cosplay now. Hana-taichou says that she's gonna help me order my Miku wig (waist length, then slightly curled for Magnet version) next month. Well, taichou, you gotta do it FAST coz if I can't get my free May'n concert tickets next week, I'd never be able to see May'n!!!!!! >M<

Hmm....maybe I'll update on my trip to the Philippines, coz I think I'll have the time tomorrow~maybe....but I'm guessing....with the amount of homework I'm having now, I find it kinda impossible to update my blog frequently....haizz....

Oyasumi, minna~ X3

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